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About us

Polyend was brought to life in 2015. The idea behind it was to give Artists new possibilities for creating music and, after months of hard work, prototyping, problem-solving at every level of production and drinking lots of coffee, it finally paid off and in April 2016, our first product had its premiere on Musikmesse 2016.

Perc Pro - a real drumming machine that not only gives music producers the possibility to play any idea that pops up in their mind on a drum set but can also be a “third hand” for drummers who want to go one step further with their performance. May 2016 – Perc Pro pre-orders began and what happened next was much more than we could ever have wished for.

Aphex Twin, Daedelus, and Dan Deacon all testing Perc Pro and being chuffed with it, already sounds like a dream come true but there’s more - Perc Pro appeared on Daedelus “The Labyrinths” album launch show as part of a Drumming Robot Army that assisted the Artist. With the Polyend team working hard on new products and giving Perc Pro some final touches, the magic keeps on happening …

Thinking outside the box is what Polyend is about and we are so happy you get it!

October 2016 we found ourselves sitting on a plane, flying to Reykjavik to meet one of our music idols – Sigur Rós. Just one week later Perc Pro appeared on Mercury Prize Gala 2016 in London as part of a Jamie Woon performance. Now, there are hundreds of Perc Pro sets throughout the world, the first batch sold in just a few months. Who would have thought it would happen in just one year? We are constantly being inspired by our clients who show us new ways of using Perc Pro - thinking outside the box is what Polyend is about and we are so happy you get it!

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