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Is there a quick guide for PERC PRO

Yes there is and you can find it at

What's included in PERC PRO set?

Each PERC PRO kit includes:
- 3 beaters (you can choose silicon, aluminum or wooded striker for each beater)
- controller (capable of playing up to 3 beaters)
- 3 clamps
- USB cable
- Power cable

Can I play with more than three beaters?

Yes! You just need more than 1 controller. Then you connect them together with MIDI cable and you can play as many as you wish with a single MIDI transmission.

Can you recommend a tripod/stand for PERC PRO?

We are using typical drum tripods and they work pretty good.

Are clamps included in PERC PRO set?

Yes, dedicated clamps are included.

Are there any drivers for installing PERC PRO?

Nope, PERC PRO is class-compliant device, so 100% Plug&Play.

PERC is getting quite hot after a few minutes, is this normal?

The balls / beaters can get quite hot - it's typical, no worries here.

What are PERC PRO ins and outs

PERC Controller IN/OUT:
•1x MIDI DIN in
•1x MIDI USB in
•3x Drum Gate in
•3x CV Velocity in
•1x MIDI DIN thru
•1x MIDI DIN out
•3x PERC Ball out

What is PERC PRO power consumption?

Maximum 240W - only when 3 beaters are playing at the same time with maximum velocity. In typical situation it's much less than that.

Some more data about power supply:
•IEC AC power inlet for internal power supply
•Operates worldwide on voltages between 100 and 240 volts at 50 to 60 Hz

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