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- Two different chords from the new set of chords had the same notes, not anymore.
- Link to next. Now you can link the pattern you're currently working on to the following next pattern without scrolling thru all patterns to find the proper one.

We have added the new set of chords which follows a logical order and provides a very wide palette. It excludes all 9th (or add 2) chords, but gives a very versatile compositional set - thanks for a hint Jon Stubbs!

- Problem with rolls when using external clock
- FL Studio transport
- Note off problem when using external clock
- Setting a default note to track

- Scales. Assignable music scale per track, with choice of thirty-nine different scales.
- Chords per step. Added polyphony per step, choose from twenty predefined chords.
- More randomization. Developed randomization options. Set if randomization influences: modulation, velocity and humanization (step nudge) parameters. When randomizing steps on track with applied music scale, notes are scattered in between the range of two octaves (one up, one down with a root note in the middle).
- Gate length. Added gate time per step.
- Perfected knob physics for modulation, velocity and CC parameters.
- Shortened time of track lengths displays after change applies. Also, reduced track length led brightness.
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