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The Medusa Tool allows you to flash your unit in a more convenient way and dump/load your presets.

Firmware update history log:

v1.1.8 (beta)
- Redesigned initial auto-calibration function.
- New MIDI menu (full bilateral MIDI input/output implementation - including transport, clock, CC communicates & MIDI channels).
- The Grid MPE functionality is now enabled for controlling external gear.
- MIDI channel per voice option. Control, play and sequence each of Medusa's voices on a separate MIDI channel form 1 to 6 (fixed mode) with external MIDI gear (this works in P2 mode only. When this function is toggled on the Medusa pads won't play polyphonically).
- The Live recording mode is now enabled.
- Notes and Chords are being transposed in a chosen musical scale.
- Shortcuts for targeting the ENV to LFO and LFO to LFO rate, wave and amount.
- Edit the step values while the sequencer is running.
- You can now transpose your sequences while they're running by pressing and holding the hold button and indicating the root note on the pads.

- Few minor MIDI bugs fixed.
- Repaired scale generator.
- Fixed menu display bugs.
- The highest note on the Grid isn't repeated anymore, just muted.
- X, Y & Z targets are now modulated by the last pressed pad only.
- The AMP as an X, Y & Z pad modulation target in the P1 and P2 modes is now functional (this is dependent from the AMP ENV Amount knob position).
- Improved incoming MIDI clock stability.
- The FM OSC 1 & 2 knob position was influencing the initial calibration, not anymore.
- Improved startup procedure.
- Changed filter resonance behaviour.
- The LFO rate wasn't in sync with the external clock, fixed.
- Better preset loading procedure.
- Back button works in Config now.
- The backlit of the pads refresh rate while changing the length, scale and root note was increased.
- The MIDI output was sending out notes two octaves lower, fixed.

- Slightly adjusted filter functionality.

- A developed method of assigning the ENV & LFO targets. Besides using the target knob, now hold the ENV or LFO button and nudge the synth parameter you want to target.
- Connected with the above, now double-click the ENV or LFO button to toggle it on/off.
- Revised digital oscillators waveforms.

- Improved parameter display in the wavetable and certain other menus.
- Fixed bug where the back button was dropping values to 0.
- Better noise envelope in the polyphonic play modes.
- Enhanced filter resonance envelope.
The Seq MIDI Step Sequencer Tool allows you to flash your unit in a more convenient way and dump/load your presets.

Firmware update history log:

- Added compatibility with the new Polyend Seq Tool for firmware flashing and pattern dump/load functionality.

- New Tempo knob functionality. Used with a track button gives an access to a per-track tempo divider/multiplier, MIDI channel input, MIDI channel output, MIDI output source (two last positions moved from the Note knob section).
- The start button resets the cue point for all the tracks.
- Added per track step retrigger - click and hold down the Move knob and indicate the step/s on a track/s you want to retrigger from.
- New rolls behaviour, they work on the whole length of a step now.
- Added new roll Velocity Curve - Random.
- Added roll Note Curve - each step in the roll's length will trigger notes in a scale set to the particular track - Flat, Inc, Dec, Inc-Dec, Dec-Inc, Random.

- Toggle on/off of a step with roll attached won't lose the roll parameter anymore.
- All the previous user reported bugs are now removed.
- The increased refresh rate for the incoming MIDI signals.
- Unstable behaviour while on an external MIDI clock in the first phrase was fixed.
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