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Make drum machine out of everything.

We discovered the way to get new sound, timbre and feeling out of the most primary instrument in the world. PERC PRO connects drums with enormous possibilities of digital world. It stimulates your creativity, helping you effortlessly go way beyond physical capabilities.

Drumming Machine

Machined aluminium enclosure, unprecedented attention to every detail, and world-class components are used to create a device that not only inspires and supports creativity, but also guarantees seamless and stable operation. 5 089 PLN
Out of stock - next delivery June 2017

With PERC PRO you can play drums using external software or hardware sequencer. Just set when and how hard it strikes. It’s very fast, very accurate and kind of reinvents drumming.

Just feed it!

PERC PRO works with any MIDI transmitting device.
It doesn't matter whether you need to reach for the newest version of your favorite DAW, beloved drum machine or smartphone app.
Just connect it via USB or classic MIDI DIN output.

In action.

Whether you're performing live or working in the studio PERC PRO will assist you with precision and no mistakes. Program your drums or control it in realtime using MIDI pads or triggers.

Watch videos below.

Introducing PERC PRO

PERC PRO, a MIDI controlled device that mechanically plays percussive instruments. Make a drumming machine out of anything that drums.
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Everything drums.

Any percussion instrument you strike with a stick or your bare hands works flawlessly with PERC PRO.
Open yourself up to new possibilities. Congas, xylophone, hotelbell, saucepan? Thanks to PERC PRO, these can all be your new drum machine.
How many ideas will pop into your head within next minute?
Endorsements Reviews
"Yesterday festival was a dream. PERC PRO worked like a champion"
"I think PERC PRO is amazing. More than I expected. I'm so happy with it. Can't wait to play more."
Orri Páll Dýrason (Sigur Rós)
"Hey this looks fucking excellent! About time someone made something like this!!!"
Aphex Twin
"I've been blasting on the 9 percs that I have and really loving them. They will be heavily featured on all my future recordings."
Dan Deacon
"The machines you've made are very impressive! Straight out of the box it was up and working in no time. Utterly simple. The hi hats we got going made it straight into a track!"
Jamie Lidell
"Polyend’s PERC PRO is an innovative product that works well, and turns the usual in-the-box trend on its head, with excellent results. I think it could be a very welcome addition to their arsenals of music-making tools. "
“Can be combined with any set of drums to create robotic virtual drummers, to augment a traditional drum kit or to create live acoustic drumming thatexplores territory that might be impossible for a human drummer.”
“This is one of the coolest ideas we’ve seen in a long time (...) it should be an absolute sensation to enhance live performances, both musical and experimental.”
“PERC units can easily be integrated into a live drumming setup to supplement, rather than replace, the humanoid unit.”

Experience the future of drumming

5 089 PLN *plus shipping
depending on your location
Out of stock - next delivery June 2017


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PERC PRO Silicon beater Read more PERC PRO beater with silicon striker. Compatible with PERC PRO controller.
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