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Polyend - the home of inspiring instruments for creative individuals.

Polyend company was brought to life by Piotr Raczyński. Formed by a crew of dedicated professionals - designers, coders, technicians and musicians. Located in the Land of Thousand Lakes in northeastern Poland. Focused on unveiling the new possibilities in music for creative musicians.

Polyend's first released product - Perc has made some positive stir on the electronic musical instruments market as the first digital drumming machine ever. That encouraged the team to continue heading in the right direction, to think new.

Shortly after, another two products were introduced - a couple called Seq and Poly. With their "what you see is what you get" interfaces which offer its users unique options for controlling their sophisticated hardware and software music setups, breathing life into their machines.

Powered up by their customer's feedback, from modest bedroom producers to the most recognized names. The team keeps working on new products. The Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer comes to life. Another year has brought three new unusual Eurorack pieces foretelling a future Polyend modular system. But a new Polyend flagship is yet to come! A highly specialised "back to the roots" desktop instrument - the Tracker..

With all the upcoming unique projects and ideas turned into reality, Polyend proves that this is only a warmup and introduction to their creative path. Expect more great things to happen, this is still just a beginning.

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