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Make music. Anywhere.

The world of music is instinctively connected with the organic world that surrounds us. Work on your musical workflow on the go. Make ambient in the depths of a forest, or techno atop a hill or just on a couch. No matter where you want to play and compose Polyend Anywhere is a real inspiration enabler.

Power from the Bank

Polyend Anywhere makes it possible to run a defined eurorack setup powered from a portable USB power bank, completely free from a wall power outlet! Power bank of a let’s say 20,000mAh will power multiple modules for a few hours and true portability is achieved! Perfect for a walk in the woods or a session in a downtown park. If you seek musical inspiration in places far from any power grid, you’re all set now.


Width: 4HP. Powers +12V/+5V/-12V. Max. output current: 1A for 12VDC, 1A for -12V. +5VDC dependent upon the power bank performance. Ribbon cable with ten outputs included. High quality USB cable included.

Polyend Anywhere

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