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What are the Polyend Anywhere Power Bank Requirements

It depends on your exact setup, and the power consumption of each module in it. Please use this simple tool for the calculations.


Do I need to pay tax if I order from outside EU ?

No, if you're purchasing from outside of EU the price you see includes 0% tax and the shipping cost. It says it includes VAT but in your case it equals 0%.

Where is Polyend based?

We are based in northeast Poland in a capital city called Olsztyn.

Where is my package send from?

All instruments purchased thru our web based store are being send from our HQ in Poland.

What are payment methods in your online shop?

Mainly for purchases done on our web store we're using PayPal, but you can also use your credit card or make a wire transfer to our bank account. Just let us know what do you prefer.

I live in EU country and want to purchase with 0% VAT, is it possible?

Yes. You just need to purchase for a company that has an active EU VAT. You can check it here:

If you enter your VAT number during the purchase process on our website tax will be automatically changed to 0%.

How long does the shipment take?

If we have the equipment in our stock, it usually takes 3-7 days depending on your location. We are using UPS which is usually fast and reliable.

Is there a return policy?

Yes, if you decide for any reason that the device does not work for you, it's possible to return it on your expense within 30 days and get the money back. We're not asking any strange questions.

Do I have to pay a customs duty?

Non-EU buyers may by obliged to pay duty and import tax when the package is delivered. Additional charges for customs clearance must be paid by buyer. Customs policies differ from country to country.

Is there a manual for Perc

Yes there is, and you can find it https://polyend.com/manuals/

What's included in Perc box?

Each Perc box includes:
- One beaters
- One controller (capable of controlling one beater)
- One clamp
- USB cable
- Power supply

Can I control more than one beater with one MIDI signal?

Yes! It's as easy as chaining multiple controllers together with MIDI cable. Then you'll be able to control as many as you chain with one MIDI signal using MIDI DIN or USB input.

Can you recommend a tripod/stand for Perc?

We are using standard drum tripods, and they work pretty well.

Is clamp included in Perc box?

Yes, dedicated clamp is included.

Are there any drivers for installing Perc?

Nope, Perc is a class-compliant device, so 100% Plug&Play.

Perc is getting quite hot after a few minutes, is this normal?

The balls/beaters can get quite hot - it's typical, no worries here.

What are Perc inputs and outputs?

Perc Controller I/O:
• 1x MIDI DIN input
• 1x MIDI USB input
• 1x Drum Gate input
• 1x CV Velocity input
• 1x MIDI DIN thru/out
• 1x PERC Beater output

What are Seq inputs and outputs?

• MIDI Input to either sync clock or input MIDI notes
• MIDI Thru
• Two independent MIDI Outputs
• USB for bidirectional MIDI communication
• Footswitch input to control Start, Stop, and Record

What are Seq's sync options?

You can choose to sync clock form:
• internal clock
• DAW via USB
• external MIDI

What are Seq dimensions?

• Length: 23.6 in (60 cm)
• Width: 5.7 in (14.5 cm)
• Height: 1.7 in (4.3 cm)
• Weight: 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)

What is Seq made of?

• anodized glass-blasted aluminum
• clear-lacquered oak

• soft and smooth silicone
• bright led backlight

• anodized glass-blasted aluminum

What's in the Seq box?

• 1x Seq
• 1x USB cable
• Power supply

Is Seq USB-powered?

Yes. You can connect Seq to any USB power source.
It can be even powered from your smartphone or tablet.

Can I use Seq to play virtual instruments on my computer?

Yes. Seq will appear as MIDI device in your DAW/virtual instrument if connected to a computer with USB cable.

Can I use Seq with a smartphone or a tablet?

Yes, there are tons of great apps that support MIDI.

With Android devices, you do not need additional equipment. Androids works as host device so you connect your smartphone directly to the USB port and you can send and receive MIDI notes.

With Apple devices, you need either the inexpensive Lightning-to-USB-camera adapter or iOS MIDI interface like IK Multimedia iRig MIDI 2 and use standard MIDI din cables.

Is Seq's USB connection bidirectional?

Yes, you can send and receive data to a computer/tablet/smartphone.

Receiving data from the external device is useful when programming a sequence. You can send MIDI notes, velocity, and modulation.

How do I enter notes to the sequences in Seq?

There are three options:
• hold step and hit the note on external MIDI device
• choose a note using Note knob on Seq

What is stored when live recording a sequence in Seq?

There are many parameters stored when recording live sequence:
• note
• velocity
• length
• MIDI cc message (modulation parameter on Seq)

Can Seq play polyrhythms?

Yes. Each track can have different length, so it's very easy to create polyrhythms.

I'd like to use Seq with my Eurorack modular synthesizer. How to do it?

We have a dedicated Eurorack module - Poly.

It converts MIDI signals to CVs.
Each Seq track is represented in Poly by a row of Gate, Pitch (v/oct), Velocity and Modulation (CC message).

Poly is also a universal polyphonic MIDI to CV converter so you can use is also for different MIDI devices.

What are Poly First, Next and Channel modes for?

Let' start with Channel. In this mode, voices 1-8 are received from MIDI Channels 1-8 accordingly. This mode is useful if you want to connect external sequencers like Seq or your favorite DAW. Using the jumpers on Poly back panel you can switch MIDI Channels to notes.

First and Next become handy when you want to play your modular using external controller. What is cool in these modes is that we implemented automatic gate recognition. So say you just want to control only two voices - you input whichever two gates.
In First mode when you press a key on external device first non-occupied voice from the top will be triggered. The use case here might be for example playing bass synth with your first note and then melody using different synth while holding the bass note.

Next mode works like voices do in most polyphonic synthesizers. When you send MIDI note, it will look for next non-occupied inserted gate and trigger it. Here you can get the very cool effect if you send voices to different-sounding modules. Then playing melody will scroll across those voices. Again, these are only basic examples.

Is there a manual for Poly?

Yes there is one, and you can find it here: https://polyend.com/manuals/

Is there a manual for Seq?

Yes there is one, and you can find it here:

Are there any firmware upgrades for Seq?

Yes, we are always looking to improve our products. You'll find the newest upgrades here:

How to power up Poly Module?

Detailed power consumption for Poly module is: max 100mA on 5V, max50mA for +12V, 0mA for -12V.

Can I extend Perc beater cable?

Yes, you can use standard DMX lighting cable (5-pin XLR).

What is the output voltage of the Poly module gate outputs?

Module Gate outputs are 0-12V.

What are the differences between Perc Pro and Perc

The main difference is in the controller. Perc Pro has 3 outputs for Perc Beaters, the new Perc has 1 such output.

Another difference is that the new Perc Controller power supply is noiseless.

We also upgraded the clamp.

The Beater remains exactly the same.

Is Perc Pro still available?

No, we changed the design so you do not have to order three Perc Beaters each time. The new Perc lets you freely configure the amount of beaters.

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