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Polyend Dreadbox Medusa
The Medusa Tool software is introducing a more convenient way of flashing your unit and giving you the ability to dump and loading the presets. Please read the installation instructions text file attached in the archive before proceeding with the update.

- External clock sync.

- Enhanced X-axis accuracy in the MPE mode.
- Pads are sending the correct MIDI communicates while played in the Grid mode during the sequence is running.

- Refined Grid workflow.
- New pads backlit: Note - 2/3, Tie - 1/2, Modulators - 0.
- Now, in order to see the pads with modulators only, press and hold the Clear button.
- When the sequencer is running, pressing other pads in the Grid mode is not taking over the note, just the synth voice parameter modulations.
- While holding a pad with modulators, they will change the sound as long as you hold them not only per sequenced step time as before.
- When the sequencer is running and you're editing a single step, you can actually hear the modulations made to this particular step as long as you hold it pressed.
- Note TIE (note length) and RND (change note in a selected scale in a range of two octaves) per step. When in the Grid mode editing notes, click the encoder once to use Tie and twice to use Random.
- Record note length in live record mode and in the incremental mode.
- Added velocity off also for external MIDI controllers.
- Enhanced Drone mode, you can now turn on and off the notes while they're sustained.
- Voice priority is now a preset value instead of a global setting.
- New presets from Benn Jordan and Machinedrum.
- A new set of 64 wavetables.
- New more precise DADSR behaviour.
- Adjusted Filter Cutoff.

- Enhanced knob noise filtering mechanism.
- Fixed MIDI behaviour when receiving lots of communicates, won't crash anymore.
- A repaired issue with playing external controller over MIDI DIN in Monophonic play mode.
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