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A journey of a thousand tunes begins with a single step

Seq MIDI Step Sequencer - Downloads

The Seq MIDI Step Sequencer Tool allows you to flash your unit in a more convenient way and dump/load your presets.
Please read the installation instructions text file attached in the archive before commencing the update.

Firmware update history log:

- MIDI transport was behaving strange in certain circumstances, not anymore.

- Notes incoming from the external controller over MIDI input are being automatically transmitted to all MIDI outputs (DIN, USB).

- The issue with populating a track with the use of the Roll knob causing that the manually added steps were muted is now fixed.

- Added compatibility with the new Polyend Seq Tool for firmware flashing and pattern dump/load functionality.

- New Tempo knob functionality. Used with a track button gives access to a per-track tempo divider/multiplier, MIDI channel input, MIDI channel output, MIDI output source (two last positions moved from the Note knob section).
- The start button resets the cue point for all the tracks.
- Added per track step retrigger - click and hold down the Move knob and indicate the step/s on a track/s you want to retrigger from.
- New rolls behaviour, they work on the whole length of a step now.
- Added new roll Velocity Curve - Random.
- Added roll Note Curve - each step in the roll's length will trigger notes in a scale set to the particular track - Flat, Inc, Dec, Inc-Dec, Dec-Inc, Random.

- Toggle on/off of a step with roll attached won't lose the roll parameter anymore.
- All the previous user reported bugs are now removed.
- The increased refresh rate for the incoming MIDI signals.
- Unstable behaviour while on an external MIDI clock in the first phrase was fixed.
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