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A journey of a thousand tunes begins with a single step

Every sequence in just a Seq

We designed Seq with some non-digital musical devices in mind. We did it for a reason. Our goal was to implement features that make Seq as playable and fun to use as possible. We made it easy to set up and even easier to create rhythms, chords, and melodies. Most of the functions are available directly from the front panel and all its features give you the quickest and most natural way to bring your ideas to light. And, when you’ve got them together, rest assured they won’t get lost thanks to the Autosave function.

Seq is its own computing center, hardware- and software- optimized to manage given tasks in the most effective way, without latency or glitches. Immediate responsiveness creates a synergy between the musician and the tool. It’s an inspiration right from the very first step.

The idea

Intuitive to use hardware step sequencer. 32 steps, 8 track polyphony, 256 pattern storage - all enclosed within the highest quality aluminum and wooden housing. Multiple connections give you the freedom to play with your hardware and software devices. It’s designed for you to be inspired and, most importantly, fully enjoy the process of creation. Seq is all you need for the way you make music today.

The heart of your creativity

Equipped with a wide array of inputs and outputs, allowing you to communicate freely with other devices of every era and genre. Lets you feed tracks with MIDI notes using your favorite MIDI controller. Every track can be recorded step by step or in real time and then quantized independently.

With two MIDI outputs, you can connect rhythm and sound machines simultaneously. You choose where to send out the signal from every track, and if that’s not enough, you can also use the USB port for the same purpose.

• MIDI input to either sync clock or input MIDI notes
• MIDI thru
• Two independent MIDI outputs
• USB for bidirectional MIDI communication
• Footswitch input to control start, stop, and record

Main features

• 8 polyphonic tracks with 32 steps each
• 256 pattern memory with autosave
• On the fly track parameter Randomization
• Live sequence recording with an external device via MIDI
• Step parameters: Note, Velocity, Length, Modulation, Roll
• Track parameters: Length, Velocity, MIDI Channel, MIDI I/O
• Different track play modes (Normal, Reversed, Pingpong, Random)
• Advanced Roll function with velocity and note curves step length
• Per-track tempo divisions and step retrigger
• Pattern chaining

Polyend Seq
MIDI Step Sequencer

SLG meets Polyend Seq

Łukasz Seliga aka SLG jams with Polyend Seq, using it as a heart of his hardware-based live pa rig.
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Endorsements Reviews
"I love the spontaneity of my Polyend Seq. The fact you can just jump on straight away and ideas are forming. No excessive pages to get lost in. Just hands on, good fun and it makes me write in completely different way."
Darren Emerson (The Underworld)
"Hands-on sequencing outside of the box. I got this unit for my 2.0 live show and I've ordered another one for the studio. This really increases my workflow quite dramatically!".
"Just started having fun and playing around with the Seq and already got some nice sequences happening. Great machine for jamming ideas. I must say the design and quality are great too."
Tom Rowlands (The Chemical Brothers)
"I am loving both the Seq and Poly, this couple is absolutely gorgeous and insanely fun to use."
Richard Devine
"Seq is a beautiful object, large enough to control a lot of aspects of workflow at the same time."
Jamie Lidell
"Seq is a really inspiring instrument. I love its immediacy. There's no learning curve at all, no need to read the manual. Just take it out of the box and play."
Łukasz Seliga aka SLG
"Seq has tied my whole studio together. It allows me to be computer free and work extremely quickly jamming between everything and adding some new workflow. I like how it's focused on experience, keeping things simple to the core needs while going just deep enough to be interesting."
Alastair McNeill (Róisín Murphy, Yila)
"Seq wants to be played. Intuitive enough to use immediately in my live show (especially with Poly module connected to modular), but also has deep functions to work as my outboard sequencer, and 32 steps are ridiculous."
"Polyend Seq is an undoubtedly lovely looking piece of kit, (...)designed and built with great care. It provides an engaging, and tactile, solution to a specific sequencing need in an attractive package (...) that strips the user interface down to easy to access basics."
Future Music
"Made from high-quality aluminium and oak, the Polyend SEQ was created with an elegant design that’s right in your face. With little to no menu diving and equipped with a wide array of INs and OUTs including CV, the Polyend Seq is the perfect jam machine. Featuring 32 steps, 8 polyphonic tracks, and 256 patterns the Polyend Seq can turn composing into something unpredictable. Its laid out step grid will make you rethink linear arranging like nothing else."
Ask Audio
"I’m fortunate enough to have a huge amount of sequencing options and I have to say what I love about the Seq from my few hours with it so far is that it’s the perfect combination of simplicity and versatility and just doesn’t get in the way of creativity. It’s brilliant, Polyend should be proud of it!."
Ty Unwin, Composer
"Yes! Polyend Seq is exactly what I was hoping for. Can say this after literally my first five minutes with it. No menu diving, super intuitive and easy to use. Using their Poly module to convert MIDI to CV. All I did was connect them and used the random functionality on all the tracks and it’s instant inspiration. The workflow I’ve been wanting in 32 step grid interface all in one place! What a winner!."
Ruiner Gerald Fjord
"Seq has been the thing that has tied my whole studio together, I have no set process so sometimes the computer is in control, sometimes the modular and sometimes me, now Seq allows me to be computer free and work extremely quickly jamming between everything and adding some new workflow. I like how it's focused on experience, keeping things simple to the core needs while going just deep enough to be interesting. It also looks and feels great!."
Alastair McNeill (Róisín Murphy, Yila)

Quality in every step

The use of oak and aluminum – materials of timeless quality – allowed us to avoid the need for any flashy details, making what remains even more elegant in its simplicity. Seq buttons are made of silicone with specially matched density and firmness. Their shape, size, and arrangement were chosen carefully to provide an instant and explicit response. Most of the parameters and values can be read from the Seq interface at a glance. For the rest of them, we provide a bright and sharp screen. Minimalistic, stripped down from any distractions, it brings all the information you need in any performing conditions you meet.
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