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Polyend Seq
MIDI Step Sequencer

Intuitive to use hardware step sequencer. 32 steps, 8 track polyphony, 256 pattern storage - all enclosed within the highest quality aluminum and wooden housing. Read more 4181 PLN Out of stock
Available in September 2018
Jamie Lidell
"...Seq is a beautiful object... large enough to control a lot of aspects of workflow at the same time". - Jamie Lidell Read more

Polyend Poly
Polyphonic MIDI
to CV Converter

Poly is a converter in the Eurorack module format, containing a multitude of connectivity options which opens modular world doors for MIDI interaction. Read more 1844 PLN Buy now
Free shipping in EU

Robert Lippok about Poly module

"When I saw Poly from Polyend I was happily shocked because it was exactly what I was looking for". - Robert Lippok

Polyend Perc Pro
Drumming Machine

Discover the new way to get sound, timbre and feeling out of the most basic instrument. Perc Pro connects drums with the enormous possibilities of the digital world. It stimulates your creativity, helping you play like never before. Read more PLN Out of stock
Refined version available in November 2018
Aphex Twin
"It is literally the most exciting equipment I ever had! And Looks fucking excellent!”.
Read more
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