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Tracker plus

The revolutionary device that brought tracking into hardware has been remastered. Polyend Tracker, the first dedicated hardware tracker, inspired the creation of countless albums and even Polyend’s own record label.

Adding eight more tracks, synthesizers, drum machines, audio via USB, stereo sampling, and expanded memory makes the Tracker+ the standalone workstation to keep you creating albums.

Not new, But better

16-track Sequencer

Eight additional tracks are dedicated to MIDI or synth playback, giving you more sequencing options than ever.

Stereo Expansion

Everything is in stereo now – from beat slices through granular and wavetable synth to sample recorder.

USB Expansion 

Sending tracks to your DAW or transferring files with your computer has never been more convenient.

Upgraded hardware

Faster microcontroller, more memory, robust jog wheel, and rubbered keys for smoother operation inside out.

and drum machines

Tracker+ features four advanced synth engines and all new drum machine, which we designed, making sound quality our priority. A new synth Patch Editor makes for fast and easy customization. From lush pads and intricate arpeggios through hard-hitting basses to fat electronic drums, the Tracker+ is a synth powerhouse.


ACD transports you back to the golden age of electronic music with its recreation of iconic single-oscillator monophonic analog synths.


An engine that epitomizes the lush, vintage warmth of classic analog synthesizers. It hosts three virtual analog oscillators and offers drift and detune control, ensuring you can effortlessly sculpt massive sounds.


A Virtual Analog Polysynth boasting a dual-oscillator architecture and a versatile modulation matrix. This engine shines when creating mesmerizing, evolving textures, crafting lush pads, and conjuring up unique sound effects.


WTFM is a unique 2-operator FM synth engine that utilizes WaveTable-based oscillators driven by a 3x feedback system.


All-new drum machine instrument, allowing you to create everything from classic 808 or 909 drums to modern glitchy madness.

learning curve

We designed Tracker’s workflow to be fast and intuitive. You don’t need to learn and remember complex button combinations and hidden features. Once you get it, you’ll never forget how to use it.

The grid

Silicon backlit pads that adapt to the context. It can be a scaled-grid for entering notes, a value-grid for FX values, a slice-grid for beat slices, or a navigation pad for editing synthesizer patches.

Big screen

The high resolution, crisp, and bright screen makes the interface clear. The added color and font themes make the Tracker accessible in every situation.

Main function buttons

What you see is what you get – quick access to the Tracker’s main functions with a push of a button, a mechanical gaming key, to be precise.

Step buttons

Note, Instrument, FX1, and FX2 are designed to give you fast access to all step parameters.

Navigation buttons

An array of mechanical buttons you’ll use the most. Whether editing patterns or navigating through the config, these keys will make it a breeze.

The knob

A big rotary jog-wheel designed to enter values or scroll through functions. The new reinforced construction makes it unbreakable.

Contextual buttons

These mechanical buttons change their behavior depending on the context of a screen. Their commands are displayed on the screen right above them.

The recipe
for making an album

Step Sequencer, Sampler, Sample Editor, Synthesizers, Song arranger, Mixing and Mastering suite. Tracker+ has everything you need to complete an album on one device. Here’s how you do it:

Prepare your instruments

Choose between synths, samples, or MIDI instruments. Synths have deep customization options in the Synth Editor, or you can choose from over 250 presets. Record a sample or load one from the SD card (over 3600 hi-quality samples are included on the SD card).

Create Pattern

Populate the pattern step by step or record your sequence live using the grid pads or external MIDI. The Note, Instrument, and FX slots are visible per step, so you know what the sequencer is doing at a glance.

Tweak instruments

Add LFOs, filter, panning, or tune samples. Then, send them to custom delay and reverb engines. Choose from eight playback options: 1-shot, forward, backward, and ping-pong looping, slice or beat slice a sample, or use it in the granular or wavetable engine. Edit Synths in the dedicated Synth Edit menu with dozens of tweakable parameters and customizable macros per preset.

Arrange Patterns to make a song

Convert your completed patterns into a song. Playback and repeat your patterns in any order or copy tracks to new patterns to expand your loops.

Mix and Master

With three pages of control in the Master view, you can add the final polish to your songs. Mix your song with a per-track and global mixer to control delay, reverb, dry mix, and line-in levels. Control the master volume and add saturation, a bass boost, and space effects. Customize the reverb, delay, limiter, and EQ settings to finalize your track.

Render or Send tracks to DAW via USB

Multiple options for rendering allow for the resampling of a step or an entire song. Save your song to the SD card or record your performance directly to a DAW via 14 tracks of stereo USB audio.

100% compatible
with Tracker Mini

Projects are completely compatible with Tracker Mini 2.0, allowing you to create a song on your commute with Tracker Mini and perform it live on Tracker+. No matter how often you switch projects back and forth, your projects will always work on both devices.

Tracker+ and Tracker Mini


Benn Jordan

The Flashbulb
“The combination of synth engines and immense sequencing power puts this in a addictive goldilocks zone where I’m able to make complete songs without feeling like I’m just using a DAW with a small screen.”

Alex Retsis

“Polyend has maintained the essence of what made the original Tracker great while adding new features that enhance the experience. I particularly love the dedicated drum synth engine; it’s become my go-to for crafting beats while bringing a fresh dimension to my glitch music-making process”

Jacek Sienkiewicz

“Tracker+ is the logical upgrade of the previous version. Besides Groove sampler, I often use it as a sequencer for my external devices, a very creative tool. The new synthesizers are a surprising addition”

Danny Wolfers

“Tracker is so easy, no need to read a manual, no fuzz with converting samples, it’s fantastic!”


All demos are available as projects on the SD card
All demos are available as projects on the SD card
All demos are available as projects on the SD card
All demos are available as projects on the SD card
All demos are available as projects on the SD card
All demos are available as projects on the SD card
All demos are available as projects on the SD card
All demos are available as projects on the SD card
All demos are available as projects on the SD card
All demos are available as projects on the SD card
Lo-Fi Hip-Hop
Lo-Fi House
Drum and Bass
Tech House
Ambient Jungle

The comparison

Tracker Mini
Stereo sampling
Extended memory
Audio over USB
14 Stereo Tracks
Backlit Input pads
Mechanical Keys
Hard plastic
FM Radio
Built-In Battery
Built-in microphone
Hard Case included
Synth engines
Number of  tracks

Tech specs

Ins & Outs
Stereo Line In
Stereo Line/Headphones Out
In the box
Polyend Tracker+ Essential References book
USB‑A power adapter
USB-C cable (2 m)
Stereo 3.5 mm to 2x Mono 6.3 mm adapter
Minijack to MIDI DIN adapter (Type B)
16 GB MicroSD Card
MicroSD to USB-A Adapter
Size and Weight
Height (w/ knob): 1.3 inches (3.3 cm)
Width: 11.02 inches (28.2 cm)
Depth: 8.15 inches (20.7 cm)
Weight: 2.65 pounds (1.2 kg)