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Polyend was brought to life by Piotr Raczyński. Formed by a crew of passionate and dedicated professionals. With a focus placed on providing engaging instruments. To those seeking new musical explorations. The company located in the Land of Thousand Lakes in northeastern Poland is now defining its next objectives. This is possible due to the vast experience and knowledge. Gained from the very beginning of the enterprise. This is the Polyend Legacy.


The first instrument, named Perc, was and still is an absolute novelty in the music industry. A professional, expressive, velocity controllable instrument. Fast and precise. Playing on any surfaces that resonate. As said by its creators “The Perc is a wow maker. As the first robotic drumming machine ever, it brought us a lot of attention. The positive worldwide reception of this astonishing tool has opened a lot of doors for us. Only because we dared to meet our idea.” With a huge warm reaction to Perc the Polyend team now had their sights on the future. To forge a new path, to think ahead.

Seq and Poly

Another two instruments emerged shortly after. “With the Perc out there, we needed a decent sequencer to control it. That’s where the Seq came from.” The most hands-on and immediate sequencing experience available out there to date. Accompanied by Polyend’s first contribution to the Eurorack world, the Poly module. A digital MIDI to analog CV world breakout tool.
Both products are offering unique ways of controlling hardware and software music setups. These straightforward instruments with their ‘what you see is what you get’ interfaces breathe new life into your other gear.


Powered by customers’ feedback and support. From modest bedroom producers to the scene’s most known figures. The team maintained its goals. The next move was the Medusa hybrid synthesizer. A result of close collaboration with the Dreadbox company. The best of digital and analog worlds merged into one unique instrument. Equipped with an expressive Grid controller and sequencer. It is already hailed by some as a future classic. It certainly rocked the scene. “Medusa project was an enormous challenge. Expanding on all levels of our activities and interests at the time. A huge achievement, big learning experience, and a great adventure.”

Anywhere, Preset, Poly 2

Together with the Medusa project refined as a Black Edition. Three more exclusive Eurorack modules were presented. The Anywhere, a convenient portable powering solution for small modular setups. The Preset, bringing the idea of saving and recalling presets into the modular world. As well as Poly 2, an ultimate configurable extension of its predecessor concept. “We enjoy the endless possibilities that Eurorack is offering to its users. The freedom it gives”. It’s a huge pleasure and honor for us to be able to contribute and incorporate our ideas to this reality”.


A diverse experience gained from all these projects has recently resulted in a new versatile instrument – The Polyend Tracker.
“It is something we always had in the back of our minds. We knew we’d make it one day. But to be able to get to this point, we had to work through and learn from all our previous achievements”. Self-contained, portable music production center. Everything you need to produce an album wherever you are. Sampler, synthesizer, FM radio for limitless inspiration. Powerful step sequencer and song arranger for finishing your piece in a flash. Enclosed in a modest, sturdy, minimalistic form. A device made both for beginners and advanced users. Encouraging you to make new things. Its growing popularity is followed by a phenomenon of a lively community called Tracker Scene. And a series of three limited Tracker Artist Edition releases. Created in partnership with Bogdan Raczynski, Legowelt, and Pete Cannon. And followed by their vinyl albums made on the Tracker only. “We are astonished by the impressive things made by the community using our products.”Both products are offering unique ways of controlling hardware and software music setups. These straightforward instruments with their ‘what you see is what you get’ interfaces breathe new life into your other gear.

“There are producers, active musicians, and people among us who just enjoy messing with sounds for the fun of it. We try to contribute a part of ourselves to the future music culture cake. And we find it even more and more enjoyable! We already know that it takes great focus to create instruments that are both innovative and fun to use.
As a consequence, we’re currently taking steps to concentrate on what we need for the next products exactly. We aim to make them your next great adventure.”

The Polyend team has the ability to turn dreams into reality. All the unique past projects had led them to what Tracker has become. It holds a promise that this is only a warmup to their creative try. Expect more interesting things to come soon.

This is only the beginning.