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The Perc is how this entire Polyend adventure had actually begun. The very beginning, one idea, and a team of four. A unique concept that had to come true. First, lots of intense development. Ups and downs, a glimpse of genius fruiting in an optically steered solenoid device. Race with time, and finishing the prototype unit in a hotel room an hour before the first trade show. Tons of nerves, yes. But doubt it will catch on, never.


In a big short. This is how we unleashed a way to get a new sound, timbre, and feeling out of the most primary instruments in the world. The Perc came to life to unlock a wide experimentation potential. We also wanted to connect drums with the enormous possibilities of the digital world. And succeeded. It became a creativity stimulator and a scene wow maker. A tool helping artists to go way beyond their physical capabilities. Allowing them to turn pretty much anything that resonates into a unique drumming kit.

We’ve manufactured Perc using high-quality machined aluminum enclosures. Designed it with unprecedented attention to every detail, using world-class components. We created a device that was not only inspiring and supported imagination. It was also guaranteeing seamless and stable operation.


So what made a Perc kit? A sturdy beater with different striker types. A very flexible clam allowed easy mounting. Functional controller and all the necessary accessories. Simple, convenient, easy to connect, and for immediate use. Our first take was a three-way controller which was later on replaced by a single unit. This offered a much more flexible configuration. Allowing users to daisy-chain as many kits over the MIDI protocol as needed.

The Perc will work with any MIDI transmitting device. No matter whether it was the newest version of your favorite DAW. The beloved drum machine, or a smartphone app. Connection via USB or classic MIDI DIN output was the way to go. You just feed it with a sequence from any available source and let it do its magic.


Any percussion instrument you strike with a stick or your bare hands will work flawlessly with Perc. It was supposed to let yourself open up to new possibilities. Congas, xylophone, hotel bell, saucepan? Thanks to Perc, these all could turn into your new drum machine. How many ideas did pop into your head within a minute?

This particular instrument has brought us a lot of attention in a very short period of time. Many of our musical heroes started working with us and became our friends because of it. In our wildest dreams, we didn’t suspect all this to happen overnight. When starting the company, we were joking that when Richard D. James will ever buy one, our goal will be achieved. We can close the party. Believe it or not, then, he became our first customer. And there’s a hundred That’s explaining what happened pretty clear. And this was just the beginning of an amazing journey for us. This amazing feedback and support showed us that we’re heading in the right direction.

Today, the Perc has become a part of the Polyend Legacy. Designing mechanical, robotic instruments is very challenging and rewarding at the same time. Seeing its huge potential, we’ve decided to enter these grounds and open this market. A large number of Perc units was provided to all the creatives out there through the last couple of years. But now, our focus has changed. We are realizing other ideas, and working on different instruments. Yet, we’d like to ensure you, that this type of innovative idea. Things that connect different words together. Are something that we are still interested in. Now, the Perc is not made in its known form anymore. But we may get back to this idea in a refreshed form in the future. It’s always on the back of our heads and in our hearts.


Aphex Twin

“Perc is amazing, beaters are really easy to set up! Had them working in a very short amount of time on various drums. It’s really well made, about time someone made something like this!.”

Travis Stewart (Machinedrum, Jets, Sepalcure)

“The Perc has opened up a whole new world of inspiration. The hardware store, my garage, kitchen and everything else in the physical world have become my new drum kit.”

Jamie Lidell

“The machines you’ve made are very impressive! Straight out of the box it was up and working in no time. Utterly simple. The hi hats we got going made it straight into a track!”

Rob Turner (GoGo Penguin)

“Perc is a must for any creative musician but for drummers, this is the best invention since the bass drum pedal.”

Orri Páll Dýrason (Sigur Rós)

“I think Perc is amazing. More than I expected. I’m so happy with it. Can’t wait to play more.”


“Yesterday festival was a dream. Perc worked like a champion.”

Matthew Dear

“WTF! This is the next level. I want like 10 now…”

Adrian Utley (Portishead)

“This thing is brilliant, just amazing.”

Gil Assayas (GLASYS)

“Perc is an absolute dream come true for me. I do a lot of finger drumming, and even though triggering samples is nice and all, the ability to control a real drum kit live (with no latency at all) is simply amazing and takes my performances to a whole new level! It’s so easy to set up, too!”

Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba)

“I am loving this machine so much. It is really all my dreams come true. I have many ideas but I need more beaters to make the rhythms in my head…”

Trevor Lawrence Jr. (Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Quincy, Snoop, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Alicia Keys, Eminem)

“… the craziest concept I’ve seen! If you’re a creative person there are so many applications for it. The newest member of my family… Yeah baby!”

Dan Deacon

“I’ve been blasting on the nine Perc units that I have and really love them. They will be heavily featured on all my future recordings.”