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Software Developer C++

We are expanding our software development team and looking for engineers with experience in building complex systems in modern C++.

Being part of the team, you will:

  • Develop state-of-the-art audio products, working mostly in C++ 17/20, sometimes also in Python.
  • Research and decide on a new technology stack to be used in the development of our products in coming years.
  • Optimize audio processing algorithms executed concurrently on multiple Cortex-A cores.
  • Write unit tests for your code.
  • Work in a small self-organizing distributed team, either from home or from our office in Olsztyn, in CET timezone.

You should have at least 3 years of experience in:

  • Programming in C++11.
  • Standard development tools such as git and GNU toolchain.

Optionally, an ideal candidate will have a background in some of:

  • Complex multi-threaded systems with real-time requirements.
  • Embedded Linux development, especially on NXP i.MX processors.
  • Audio signals processing.
  • C++ 14/17
  • Electronic music hardware and software, passion for synthesizers, samplers, sequencers.
  • Python.


Quality Assurance Engineer

Being part of the product development team, depending on your experience you will:

  • Prepare test plans and test designs for all Polyend products.
  • Assess the quality of new features, confirm fixes, regressions and performance.
  • Test public firmware updates (Beta and Stable channels).
  • Verify hardware releases during the hardware design phase.
  • Manage bug reports from users and external Beta testers.
  • Overview of the users’ community, gathering feedback to product development.
  • Design and implement (with hardware/software engineering support) tools for automated product-level testing as well as hardware components tests.
  • Work in a small self-organizing distributed team, either from home or from our office in Olsztyn, in CET timezone.

You should have experience in at least some of:

  • Quality assurance of products with software and possibly hardware components.
  • Designing automated tests of embedded software (or willingness to develop in this direction).
  • Working with the user community.
  • Attention to detail, resourcefulness, good self-organization, fluent communication in English.

Optionally you will also have a background in:

  • Programming in Python.
  • Overview of the electronic music instruments industry and audio technologies.
  • Basic knowledge and deep passion for electronic music production technology (hardware and/or software).
  • Basic experience in electronics.



Write to us at [email protected] if you would like to get more information.