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Polyend Tracker

A retro form factor updated with forward looking functionality and designed as an easy to use compact standalone workstation. Made for creatives who break patterns on a daily basis. Designed to help artists forge unique avenues of sonic construction. Introducing the first hardware tracker in the music world.

Large screen, ergonomic keyboard, and a big knob for fast and easy navigation. It's standalone and portable – everything you need to produce an album wherever you are. Sampler, Wavetable and Granular Synthesizer, FM Radio for limitless inspiration. Powerful Step Sequencer and Song Arranger for finishing your piece in a flash. Performance mode lets you creatively break, mangle, and augment your patterns when playing live. Bidirectional MIDI to play with other software and hardware.

Fast track to creativity

Fast track
Big screen Mechanical keyboard The Grid The Knob
Big screen

High resolution, crisp and bright screen make the interface clear and accessible.

Mechanical keyboard

Fast and responsive interface navigation with dedicated keys.

The Grid

48 backlit silicon pads for quick note and pattern value entering and visual feedback. It's also a highly customizable keyboard controller with editable scales.

The Knob

Metal made, big and durable with haptic feedback for fast scrolling or precise adjustments.

Polyend Tracker incorporates the quintessential characteristics of a classic tracker. The vertical timeline, the powerful sequencer and the mechanical keyboard combined with a newly designed input interface enables you to make and perform your music in a new and intuitive way. After a quick glance and a few minutes with the Polyend Tracker interface, you’ll soon realize the array of tools that are at your fingertips.

Stay on track

Polyend Tracker is slick, light and portable. It's also easy on the energy consumption so you can use it with any USB power source. Its sturdy and compact form factor makes it a great companion for music creation wherever and whenever you feel like it. No matter if you’re in your studio, on the run, or at a gig.

Infinite source
of inspiration

Instrument A chain of tools (Volume, Tuning, Panning, Resonant Filters, Delay and Reverb Sends, ADSRs, LFOs, Overdrive) to make an instrument from any sample.

Polyend Tracker is equipped with a variety of powerful sound design tools. Use samples from your existing library, record new ones with line or mic inputs, or use the built-in FM radio. Record samples, play them, slice them, mash them, or even make a synth out of them using Wavetable and Granular synthesis with all its necessary parts (filters, ADSRs, etc.)

The team player

Polyend Tracker works great with other instruments too. Thanks to its bidirectional MIDI implementation you can use it to sequence and control external gear. It can also be used as a sound module controlled by any external MIDI software or hardware devices.

The new classic

Pattern screen - 4-track view

Don't be fooled by the classic tracker look. While maintaining the original quick and straightforward workflow, the Polyend Tracker is armed with an updated arsenal of sonic weapons. Automatic filling, randomizer, probability, selection rendering, effects per step, live recording, batch parameters editing, micro-tuning, micro-timing, rolls and many more give you the tools to be endlessly creative. Compatibility with MOD files allows you to import and finish tracks from back-in-the-days or export and finalize them in modern software trackers.

Tech specs

Ins and Outs
  • Stereo Out
  • Mono Line In
  • Mono Mic In
  • MIDI In
  • MIDI Out
  • USB-C
In the box
  • Polyend Tracker
  • USB‑A power adapter
  • USB-C cable (2 m)
  • Stereo 3.5mm to 2x Mono 6.3mm adapter
  • Minijack to MIDI DIN adapter (Type B)
  • 16GB MicroSD Card
  • MicroSD to USB-A Adapter
Size and Weight
  • Height (w/ knob): 1.3 inch (3.3 cm)
  • Width: 11.02 inches (28.2 cm)
  • Depth: 8.15 inches (20.7 cm)
  • Weight: 2.65 pounds (1.2 kg)

Be on the right track

Download firmware updates, manuals, and other content for your Tracker.

How to make Dubstep Music Using Polyend Tracker

Polyend Tracker Artist Editions

  • “I've worked with trackers for 30 years, The Tracker is a dream! Wet dream? Fever dream? You decide.”

    Bogdan Raczynski

  • “My next record will be postponed to 2038, i'm drowned in micro editing tempo and flame changes by step. I love this machine. Thanks for screwing up my career POLYEND!”

    Robert Lippok

  • “I’ve been all about the fill function, randomly generating patterns is great, especially within restricted parameters like scale/range of samples it can pull from. I’ve practically written an entire album just experimenting with that alone.”

    Sarah Longfield

  • “After one week with the Polyend Tracker I feel like a teenager again. This is the authentic tracking experience, all in a little device. So much fun!"

    Travis Stewart (Machinedrum)

  • “It is equally simple and complex. It is old school and new school. It makes me feel like a kid again, building patterns and songs from infinite sound sources and inspiration.”

    Matthew Dear

  • “The Tracker beautifully merges a classic, powerful sequencer style with the instant gratification of a tweakable desktop tool resulting in a fun, addictive experience that literally keeps me writing music without exhaustion.”

    Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb)

  • “It is one of the most unique new hardware sequencers I have come across. Having the ability to throw in random probability is absolutely mind-boggling. I haven't had this much fun sequencing on hardware in years!”

    Richard Devine

  • “The Polyend Tracker is hands down one of the most fun new instruments I've had the opportunity to work with; everything is so immediate. It's so easy to import samples, and the built-in FM antenna tops it off.”

    Paul Geissinger (Starkey)

  • “The tracker in just a few days has already affected my ideas and workflow. It is beautiful, simple machine which makes me want to take long train rides just to make more music away from a studio.”

    Sam Slater

  • “Tracker has such a nice physical feel. The buttons are very fast and the jog wheel is big and comfortable. I love how the slim and compact design features a huge screen which makes it easy to edit and see a lot of information at once.”

    Bryan Noll (Lightbath)

  • “Tracker arrives at just the right time. As producers we need to hear the world from other angles, break out from tried tired routines, and reinvent ourselves (much less our parameters).”

    Alfred Darlington (Daedelus)

  • “Funky, funny, groovy little beast… just take it everywhere.”

    Jacek Sienkiewicz

  • "If you make Jungle, you need one of these. Chopping breaks in this thing is not only real fun but it sounds brilliant. Also, there's a built in radio... WHAT!!!"

    Pete Cannon

  • “I've been looking at a hardware solution to compose extremely precise and broken drum beats away from a computer screen for a long time, this is why I jumped on Tracker. It doubles as a very capable midi sequencer as well and will probably become the command center of my studio.”

    Julien Guillot (Stazma, The Junglechrist)

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