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Tracker - Shortcuts
Tracker - Pattern Mode Views
Tracker - Recording Audio
Tracker - Line Input Monitoring
Tracker - Sample Editor
Tracker - Sample Loader
Tracker - Instrument Parameters & Automation
Tracker - Sample Playback
Tracker - Sample Slicer
Tracker - Beat Slicer
Tracker - Granular Synthesis
Tracker - Wavetable Synthesis
Tracker - The Step
Tracker - OFF, FAD & CUT Step Commands
Tracker - Step Fx Overview
Tracker - Step Function
Tracker - Fill Tool
Tracker - Pattern Variations
Tracker - Rendering Selection
Tracker - Live Recording
Tracker - Song Mode
Tracker - Master Section
Tracker - Mute & Solo Tracks
Tracker - Performance Mode
Tracker - MIDI output
Tracker - MIDI CC input
Tracker - Timestretch
Tracker - Euclidean Fills & Density
Tracker - Sample Purge & Import
Poly - Tutorial by Once Upon a Synth
Seq - Tutorial by Loopop
Sound Design with Medusa - A warm brassy lead
Sound Design with Medusa - Mallets/Keys & how to setup the Grid for chords
Sound Design with Medusa - Deep Bass
Sound Design with Medusa - Lush Pads
Sound Design with Medusa - Drones & FM
Sound Design with Medusa - Drums
Seq - Overview
Seq - Patterns
Seq - Routing Options
Seq - Entering and Editing Notes
Seq - Moving and Transposing Notes
Seq - Velocity, Modulation and Rolls
Seq - Track Play Modes and Length
Seq - Linking Patterns
Seq - Recording Patterns
Seq - Chords, Scales and Transpose
Seq - Randomization options, Gate mode and Link to Next
Perc Tutorial (single controller)
Perc Tutorial (classic controller)
Medusa - Review & Audio Demo
Medusa - Turning on/off LFO or Envelope
Medusa - Per step parameter locks
Medusa - TIE/Note length
Medusa - Clearing parameter locks
Medusa - Copying notes/steps
Medusa - Randomizing synth voice
Medusa - Randomizing sequence melody
Medusa - Custom scales (incl. micro-scales)
Medusa - Arpeggios / Sequence transposition
Medusa - Drone mode
Medusa - Applying live effects to the sequence
Medusa - Medusa's Grid as a MIDI controller
  • "Perc is amazing, beaters are really easy to set up! Had them working in a very short amount of time on various drums. It's really well made, about time someone made something like this!."

    Aphex Twin

  • "I think Perc is amazing. More than I expected. I'm so happy with it. Can't wait to play more."

    Orri Páll Dýrason (Sigur Rós)

  • “Just started having fun and playing around with the Seq and already got some nice sequences happening. Great machine for jamming ideas. I must say the design and quality are great too.”

    Tom Rowlands (The Chemical Brothers)

  • "Tracker is so easy, no need to read a manual, no fuzz with converting samples, it's fantastic!"

    Danny Wolfers (Legowelt)

  • "Seq is a beautiful object, large enough to control a lot of aspects of workflow at the same time."

    Jamie Lidell

  • "I am loving both the Seq and Poly, this couple is absolutely gorgeous and insanely fun to use."

    Richard Devine

  • "The Perc has opened up a whole new world of inspiration. The hardware store, my garage, kitchen and everything else in the physical world have become my new drum kit."

    Travis Stewart (Machinedrum, Jets, Sepalcure)

  • "I love the spontaneity of my Polyend Seq. The fact you can just jump on straight away and ideas are forming. No excessive pages to get lost in. Just hands on, good fun and it makes me write in completely different way."

    Darren Emerson (Underworld)

  • "Seq wants to be played. Intuitive enough to use immediately in my live show (especially with Poly module connected to modular), but also has deep functions to work as my outboard sequencer, and 32 steps are ridiculous."


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