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Tracker – Quick Guide
Play – Highlighted Features Videos Playlist
Tracker – Shortcuts
Tracker – Pattern Mode Views
Tracker – Recording Audio
Tracker – Line Input Monitoring
Tracker – Sample Editor
Tracker – Sample Loader
Tracker – Instrument Parameters & Automation
Tracker – Sample Playback
Tracker – Sample Slicer
Tracker – Beat Slicer
Tracker – Granular Synthesis
Tracker – Wavetable Synthesis
Tracker – The Step
Tracker – OFF, FAD & CUT Step Commands
Tracker – Step Fx Overview
Tracker – Step Jump Function
Tracker – Fill Tool
Tracker – Pattern Variations
Tracker – Rendering Selection
Tracker – Live Recording
Tracker – Song Mode
Tracker – Master Section
Tracker – Mute & Solo Tracks
Tracker – Performance Mode
Tracker – Pattern Remixing
Tracker – MIDI output
Tracker – MIDI CC input
Tracker – Beat Slice + MIDI
Tracker – Timestretch
Tracker – Euclidean Fills & Density
Tracker – Sample Purge & Import
Tracker – Firmware Update
Play – Firmware Update
poly mk1
Poly – Tutorial by Once Upon a Synth
Seq – Tutorial by Loopop
Seq – Overview
Seq – Patterns
Seq – Routing Options
Seq – Entering and Editing Notes
Seq – Moving and Transposing Notes
Seq – Velocity, Modulation and Rolls
Seq – Track Play Modes and Length
Seq – Linking Patterns
Seq – Recording Patterns
Seq – Chords, Scales and Transpose
Seq – Randomization options, Gate mode and Link to Next
Perc Tutorial (single controller)
Perc Tutorial (classic controller)
Sound Design with Medusa – A warm brassy lead
Sound Design with Medusa – Mallets/Keys & how to setup the Grid for chords
Sound Design with Medusa – Deep Bass
Sound Design with Medusa – Lush Pads
Sound Design with Medusa – Drones & FM
Sound Design with Medusa – Drums
Medusa – Turning on/off LFO or Envelope
Medusa – Per step parameter locks
Medusa – TIE/Note length
Medusa – Clearing parameter locks
Medusa – Copying notes/steps
Medusa – Randomizing synth voice
Medusa – Randomizing sequence melody
Medusa – Custom scales (incl. micro-scales)
Medusa – Arpeggios / Sequence transposition
Medusa – Drone mode
Medusa – Applying live effects to the sequence
Medusa – Medusa’s Grid as a MIDI controller