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Tracker Mini firmware


Changes from Tracker Mini 1.0.1 to 1.1

Firmware 1.1  brings several upgrades to stereo sampling including stereo line-in recording, extended sampling times, many bug fixes, UI improvements, and more.

New features:

  • Added a third page of parameters on the Pattern editor with:
    • Pattern naming
    • Track naming
  • Stereo sample improvements:
    • Sample Recorder – Line in source recording in stereo
    • Sample Loader – stereo samples from SD card previewed in stereo
    • Sample Loader – Import mode in stereo
    • Updated Config – “Line in channel” parameter description
  • Sample recording time has been extended to the maximum length that can fit the sample memory
    • Around 700 seconds for mono and 350 seconds for stereo samples
  • Preview of samples from SD card added to USB Audio master channel
  • Metronome added to USB Audio master channel
  • Improved internal clock accuracy
  • Adds Beta Import Mod / Export As .it  as it worked in Tracker 1.6
  • Various cosmetic and functional UI improvements


  • When FX2 was used on Track 8 in the Pattern editor the cursor jumped to Track 1 or disappeared
  • Freeze when importing multiple samples at once that go over the 48 instrument limit
  • Freeze when exporting Song/Pattern/Stems with very long reverb/delay tails
  • The previous pattern looped in Play Song mode when the next pattern was empty and longer
  • Sometimes samples were cropped after loading older projects (Tracker OG version 1.6 or older)
  • Minimized the high-pitched noise on Mic recording with medium Display Brightness
  • No menu on the Sample Editor and Sample Playback screens with stereo waveforms
  • Adding many slices on the Sample Playback page removed other UI elements from the page
  • Elements in the header temporarily disappeared in the Fill mode of the Pattern editor
  • Adjusting the master volume overrode the value display for various parameters in the Master pages
  • Menu wouldn’t show up in Pattern editor when in Rec mode with 2nd page of edit parameters (More) being active
  • Pressing the button below Memory in Sample Loader repeated the last action (delete or insert) on the selected Instrument(s)
  • The menu could get stuck on the screen when selecting Sample Editor during playback
  • Using the middle D-Pad button broke the Import window in the Sample Loader module
  • Ping Pong sample playback mode could stop looping with specific Loop Start/End points when Snap to zero = On
  • Preview of Instruments (.pti files) from SD card sometimes didn’t work
  • The menu could get stuck on the screen when switching between pages using the middle D-Pad button in the Sample Recorder waveform screen (after recording, before saving)
  • Shift+Play in the pattern editor caused the audio to start from the current position, but the display restarted from the pattern beginning causing the audio/UI to go out of sync
  • Various cosmetic issues when opening the Menu on the top of the Sample Recorder page
  • Live Recording stopped working after deleting a sequence in the Pattern editor
  • Backspace action was going out of the pattern’s boundaries when the first step(s) was selected
  • Perform effect Volume didn’t affect MIDI notes: now it controls MIDI Velocity
  • The selection was going over the border on the bottom of the Instrument Synthesizer lists
  • The Sample waveform was having cosmetic glitches at the maximum zoom level in the Sample Recorder
  • The wrong parameter was displayed on screen button #6 on the Sample Playback page when changing the Play Mode from Loop or Slice modes to Granular
Changes from Tracker Mini 1.0 to 1.0.1

Firmware 1.0.1  is the first update for Mini which brings several critical bug fixes and an improved Snap to zero feature, the prior snap to zero algorithm caused several issues with playback.

New features:

  • Improved Snap to zero algorithm with a higher threshold to detect zero crossings (1)


  • Instrument Panning was corrected: Left and Right channels were swapped (2)
  • Fixed crashing when receiving a MIDI MMC stop message in Perform mode when tracks/patterns were scheduled to switch
  • Freeze when trying to preview 0s length range while importing a sample
  • Sometimes samples didn’t play until the end when Snap to zero was enabled
  • Importing in the Sample Loader did not crop with the Start/End
  • Very short samples (single cycle) didn’t play/loop when Snap to zero was enabled
  • Occasionally stereo samples played out-of-phase between L/R channels with Snap to zero = On (L/R channels were time-shifted)
  • Envelopes in Instrument Automation were sometimes not triggered during playback
  • Roll FX: RV, Rv sounded like simple R when placed on steps without a note
  • Incorrect values were displayed in Fill FX Value menu for LFO FX Types
  • Playhead in the Import window ran slower than audio playback after moving the End point
  • The Default MIDI Clock Sync Correction was 6 instead of 0
    • Additionally: added a new description of the Clock Sync Correction parameter
  • Fixed usability issues with Preview and Preview Vol in Sample Loader

Breaking Changes:

  • (1) Old projects using Snap to zero = On might have their Start/End/Loop/Slice points in Sample Playback realigned by the new detection algorithm. This does not affect Wavetable and Granular engines.
  • (2) Instrument Panning: L/R channels will be swapped compared to 1.0.0 release to match the behavior with the original Tracker.

Known Issues:

  • When a pattern has any FX2 on Track 8 it can cause the cursor in the pattern editor to disappear temporarily and jump to Track 1. Workaround: use FX1 on Track 8 instead or use FX1/2 on any other track.
Changes from Tracker 1.6.0 to Mini 1.0.0

Tracker Mini Firmware 1.0 builds upon the original Tracker Firmware 1.6.  The fixes listed below are changes from that firmware to Mini 1.0.

Many new features are exclusive to the Tracker Mini including stereo sampling and audio over USB, while others will be added to Tracker firmware 1.7.

New features:

  • Added Stereo Sample Playback
    • Samples can now be played back in stereo, including in Wavetables and Granular Synths
  • Updated Audio rendering for Stereo Samples
    • Renders are now exported in stereo
  • Audio over USB
    • Tracker Mini can output 12 channels of stereo Audio over USB.  Outputs 1 & 2 are the master outputs.  Output 3 – 18 correspond to the respective stereo track, 3 & 4 are for Track 1, 5 & 6 are for Track 2, etc. Output 19/20 and 21/22 are for reverb and delay.  Outputs 23/24 are reserved for future use.
  • New File and Project management
  • Extended project filename length to support 32 characters
  • Saturation modes on Master audio channel
  • Extra headroom mode in Project Settings
  • Snap to zero crossing in Project Settings
  • Detection of zero crosspoint in Sample Playback: start/end/slice markers turn green when set to points with amplitude 0
  • Metronome and Metronome Config in Sample Recorder
  • Preview Volume for samples from SD card in Sample Loader
  • Improved Equalizer in Sample Editor
  • Improved Limiter in Sample Editor
  • Improved Compressor in Sample Editor
  • Add Empty Slot in Song Mode
  • Copy patterns in Song Mode
  • When using arrow keys to navigate Qwerty keyboard, the focus key now wraps around the edges of the keyboard
  • Build number displayed in Config > Firmware menu
  • In Pattern editor each FX value is now represented with one pad only (instead of multiple pads)
  • Improved Internal and MIDI clock stability and minimized jitter
  • Redesigned ‘Clock sync correction’ parameter in MIDI config
    • Note: correction is applied once only after restarting playback
  • New pattern and step numbering modes in the Config Menu
    • Options for starting at 0, 1, or hexadecimel
  • Tracks (in Song page) are now marked as non-empty when containing any of the following:
    • Note
    • Instrument
    • FX1 / FX2
    • MIDI Channel or CC
    • FAD, CUT or OFF
  • Updated text instructions in Config > Firmware update page
  • Changed access to Instrument Synthesizer page to Instrument Parameters > More
  • New behavior when receiving external MIDI Clock and Transport on Song page
    • Song will start from the slot that contains the currently loaded pattern after the position which was last played. If the currently loaded pattern is not part of the song, a popup “Load pattern from song first” will appear.
  • General UI improvements: subtle visual changes of controls, colors and layouts


  • When using Filter in Delay effect, the first tap is not affected by the filter (1)
  • Granular Loop plays higher pitch when it goes outside sample boundaries (start/end) (2)
  • Reducing sound artifacts (clicks, pops) in audio signals especially when using Volume, Panning and Filter Cutoff Instrument Automation / FX or generally rapidly changing of Volume, Panning or Filter Cutoff (3)
  • Crash when opening Note and Instruments menus in Sample Recorder
  • In Instrument Synthesizer mode Tracker not responding to CCs assigned to Delay Send correctly
  • Instrument volume set to -24.00 dB gives silent output
  • Projects saved with long filenames are not displayed in browser and can’t be opened
  • FX named Random FX (x) value changed to symbol x instead of f to distinguish it from MIDI CC F (f)
  • Metronome getting distorted with Volume settings above 50
  • LFO FX (g/h/j/k/l) value not corresponding with Instruments Automation LFO Speed values
  • When inputting FX values using the pads in to the pattern, the values go out of sync (lagging behind, skipped)
  • Various cosmetic text issues in Config menu and FX >> Description popup
  • Pattern or track marked as empty when containing note only on the last step
  • Panning FX (P) issue when used together with Roll FX (R) : panning was only applied on the first hit of the roll
  • Issues with macOS metadata files: now hidden and ignored when browsing or loading files (samples, projects, mods, games, firmware)
  • Bottom row on Instrument Synthesizer screen visually cut off
  • Tracker song/tempo no longer stops when using Random FX values.

Breaking changes:

Following fixes will make previous projects / instruments using Granular sample playback, Filter in Delay, and Volume/Panning/Cutoff Instrument Automation/FX sound different:

  • (1) Granular: when Position is close to the start/end of the sample it will result in different playback output, focused on maintaining the instrument pitch.
  • (2) Delay: first tap of the delayed signal is now filtered but also the perceived duration of all echos, as they start getting filtered earlier, they will also fade out earlier.
  • (3) Volume, Panning and Filter Cutoff Instrument Automation / FX: occasionally these introduced audio artifacts to transients like clicks and pops which might have been aesthetically desirable, but will now be smoothed out and reduced.


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