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Polyend Perc


Robotic Drumming Machine

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The first one

The first one

The Perc is Polyend’s first product and even while we’re proud of all our instruments it will always remain special to our crew. Its development has determined Polyend’s later approach to the innovative use of technology in the creation of musical instruments. It has also shown us the patch between being inspired by music and making unique tools for musicians.


Quick start

Quick start

Every Perc kit consists of the controller, beater and clamp which will allow mounting of the beater in a convenient way. All the necessary cabling and an AC adapter are also included.

First, connect the beater using the DMX XLR captive socket located on the back of the controller. Please avoid connecting beater to the controller when it’s already turned on. There’s a slight chance that one day this might damage it. Connect the attached AC adapter to the unit, and of course, to the power outlet. Once this is done, just set up the beaters in place, and it’s all ready to start hitting things.

Now feed the Perc controller with a MIDI data or analog CV signals. Perc will work with any MIDI and CV transmitting device, favourite DAW, hardware sequencer, modular system or smartphone apps. Just connect any source via USB, MIDI DIN or CV gate input, and it’s ready for pairing.

There’s only one switch on the controller surface, it’s here to put the Perc into a learning mode. Press the button for two seconds, the LED on the back panel will start flashing. Now the controller is in its learn mode and is waiting for a signal from a controlling device. This way the Perc controller will learn the MIDI note and channel for its corresponding beater.

What it’s all about

What it’s all about

The Perc is a MIDI/CV controlled drumming machine which can play on pretty much everything that drums and resonates. It wasn’t created with a classic drum set on the mind or for replacing the drummers. Nothing will ever replace a real performer and one’s groove and feeling in mashing the drums. It was made for experimentation, more into having a drum machine out of anything that’s in the kitchen, garage etc. To have a tool that will be able to follow the most complicated rhythms always in time. For a creative person, it can be an endless source of inspiration. Bear this in mind and take your time, experiment as much as you can. Talking about creative ideas, you’ll probably notice fast that Perc isn’t offering any open/close hi-hat mechanisms, but if you’d go the creative way and install one beater on top of your hi-hat and another one on the bottom, you can achieve a similar effect.

Perc can also be a great companion for your drum kit training techniques and everyday routines. Use it as a metronome or just feed it with crazily complicated MIDI rhythm files and try to follow it. Perc is crazy fast and is fully velocity and tempo controllable too. It can also serve as your additional hand or hands as our bodies are physically limited.

Mentioning the body limits, Perc can also be useful to people with both congenital and acquired disabilities and allow them to chase or continue following their musical ideas. We’ve already seen this and we’re especially proud of that fact.

Other useful information

Other useful information

  • Daisy-chain as many Perc controllers as needed by using their MIDI output and input ports.
  • The beater’s connector cable is 3 meters long, but it’s possible to extend it by using regular 5 pin DMX XLR cable.
  • The striker comes out from the beater for about 5 millimetres, which makes this is the longest distance the beater should be mounted from the instrument. There’s no smallest distance thought. It’s up to the effect one wants to achieve; the beater can touch the membrane of a kick drum for example.
  • There are three different types of strikers available – oak, aluminium and silicone and each of them will have a different effect on the same instrument. The strikers are not user interchangeable, but remember that it’s possible to attach different types of fabric on top of a striker to achieve needed effect.
  • If the impact of a single Perc beater on a large drum instrument isn’t powerful enough. Try using more than one beater on the same instrument. This will increase the impact.
  • The Perc Pro is fully velocity controllable – that means it can play gentle or hit strong. Another thing is it can be very fast, ridiculously fast.
What's in the box

What's in the box

Everything that’s needed to start playing is included in the Perc kit. A single unit controller, one beater, one clamp, the dedicated AC adapter, USB connector cable and a short manual are what’s in the box. Now, just set a basic drum kit or use anything that’s in the kitchen or garage which resonates when hit and the perfect Home Depot drumming set. Daisy-chain as many single controllers as needed using the standard MIDI cables.

Limited warranty

Limited warranty

Polyend warrants this product, to the original owner, to be free of defects in materials or construction for one year from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase is necessary when a warranty claim is processed. Malfunctions resulting from improper power supply voltages, abuse of the product or any other causes determined by Polyend to be the fault of the user won’t get covered by this warranty (standard services rates will be applied). All defective products will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of Polyend. Products must be returned directly to Polyend with the customer paying the shipping cost. Polyend implies and accepts no responsibility for harm to a person or apparatus through the operation of this product.

Please go to in order to start a return to manufacturer authorization, or for any other related inquiries.

Important Safety and Maintenance instructions:

  • Avoid exposing the unit to water, rain, moisture. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or high-temperature sources for a long time.
  • Get rid of dust, dirt and fingerprints using a soft, dry cloth. Disconnect all cables while cleaning. Only reconnect them when the product is totally dry.
  • Unplug your instrument from the power sources during lightning storms or when it is not used for long periods of time.
  • Polyend Perc is not user repairable. Leave all servicing to qualified service technicians. Servicing may be required when the unit has been damaged in any way.


Perc Drumming Machine manual in a PDF form. 

Clamp bushing 3D model.