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Michał Wolski: Bright Source

Artists | What's up Apr 22, 2021

"Once again, I would like to invite you to listen to a jam with an unusual instrument, the Polyend Tracker."

“For those of you who are not familiar with this equipment, I’ll just mention that in the way of working and composition methods it refers to trackers particularly popular in the 80s and 90s of the past century – an extremely inspiring, at least for me, working environment, because it forces you to revise methods in the world of software and hardware that you may be used to today. It’s a deeply refreshing experience.

For the sound base of the composition, I used several samples that I had previously recorded using the “line in” input on the Tracker and the synthesizer available on the iPad – Magellan. The samples were deeply modified and modulated, which resulted in what you can hear in the recording entitled “Bright Source”.

The whole was additionally processed on four send effect tracks running in parallel, which allowed not only to deepen and widen the space but also illuminated it and revealed a whole range of details that I recommend following carefully. In this composition, the hypnotic and repetitive nature serves them well – how they reveal themselves and hide, how they flare up and fade away. Thanks to such manipulations, the seemingly immobile structure begins to resemble an anthill – full of micro-movements and micro-events.”

Michał Wolski

Is a musician, composer and producer, art & culture activist. Focused on deep, detailed techno, ambient and experimental music, Wolski creates solo as well as in collaborative projects. In his artistic work, he uses various experimental techniques, including modular synthesizers. Founder of the Minicromusic Rec. – record label dedicated to techno music with an emphasis on its atmospheric variations.

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