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Scene: KØKū – Penetrate

Scene | What's up Sep 30, 2021

"For me, the Tracker is like a notepad or a canvas that I can freely experiment with."

“The Polyend Tracker is my first experience with trackers at all. What surprised me was how intuitive it was, and how stress-free it was to work with. It’s a multifaceted device that allows me to quickly turn an idea into something tangible, and then build it into a detailed piece of music, while also being able to improvise.”


In this project, I used the performance mode to add color to the meticulously created track. I started by importing classical music into the Micro Granny, then used an effects pedal to create a tape loop, which I imported into the tracker, and used as a guitar riff. The backward playing samples and irregular rhythms create a strange mix of balance and tension in the song.

Get the project files of KØKū – Penetrate here.


A project started in pursuit of the relationship between sound and visual expression. ‘KØKū’ is a Buddhist term meaning a place where nothing obstructs and everything exists. In the near future, this project will become such a place, where we can perform and collaborate with various artists.


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