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News | What's up Jan 26, 2021

Here's a choice of our favorite Polyend Seq videos. A little reminder, a blast from the past about how awesome and immediate tool it is!

Polyend Seq and Poly couple in action. Controlling the Eurorack modular system including Qubit electronics Chance, Mutable Instruments Rings & Cloud, and 4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler.

Seq MIDI Sequencer can be the heart of your sophisticated hardware rig but can be easily used with software too. Not necessarily with advanced DAW only. It can give you a lot of fun while providing a great workflow with many other applications on your tablets and smartphones!

Seq sequencing Roland Juno-106 and Boss DR-770 Dr Rhythm Drum Machine with Polyend Seq MIDI step sequencer.

Polyend Seq with Eurorack system, Elektron Machinedrum, and DSI Prophet

After publishing a series of videos showing Seq in action with simple setups, time to take a look at how it’s working in a more sophisticated environment. The whole setup is sequenced by the Seq. The modular system is controlled via Polyend Poly MIDI to CV converter.

One more short video of Polyend Seq and Poly couple operating a rather simple Eurorack system and acclaimed DSI Prophet 6.

Sometimes, the autumn mood is getting the Polyend Seq too. This piece got composed in about 60 seconds.

All the videos and music improvisations by Pan Ra.

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