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Polyend Anywhere


Eurorack Portable Power Supply

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Portable Power Supply

Portable Power Supply

The world of music is instinctively connected with the organic world that surrounds us. Work on musical workflow on the go. Make ambient in the depths of a forest, or techno atop a hill or just on a couch. No matter where you want to play and compose Polyend Anywhere is a real inspiration enabler.

Polyend Anywhere makes it possible to run a defined Eurorack setup powered from a portable USB power bank (not included), completely free from a wall power outlet! Power bank of a let’s say 20,000mAh will power multiple modules for a few hours and true portability is achieved! Perfect for a walk in the woods or a session in a downtown park. If you seek musical inspiration in places far from any power grid, you’re all set now.



  • Width: 4HP.
  • +12V/+5V/-12V.
  • Max.output current allows powering up the individual buses at 1Afor 12VDC,1Afor -12V.
  • +5VDC bus amperage is dependent upon the used power bank performance.
  • A total number of modules powered (or the max.output current) depends on two factors:
    • Power bank efficiency (recommended min.2.4A/5V).
    • Power consumption distribution for a specific setup of modules for all three buses +12V/-12V/+5V.
Important notes

Important notes

Recommended minimum power bank efficiency is 2.4A/5V. Check the needs of the rig using Polyend Anywhere power bank amperage requirements chart.

For the best performance use the USB and ribbon cables provided with the Anywhere module.

Anywhere module was designed to be used with a power brick, but it’s possible to use it with a wall adapter too. As long as its amperage is enough to power up a particular setup. Get a decent wall charger thou, at least 2.4A or higher. A laptop’s USB port or phone charger might be not enough.

Use the originally attached USB cable only. Most of the cheap USB cables and will cause current drops which cause issues. The original cable is copper-rich.

Do not connect Anywhere module to any power buses in the Eurorack cases with a ribbon cable! There’s a risk of conflict and a short circuit with the case power supply. It may damage the module or the power supply.

What's in the box

What's in the box

  • Anywhere module.
  • Ribbon cable with ten outputs.
  • USB cable (use only the original USB cable!)
  • Manual.
  • Two screws.


Polyend warrants this product, to the original owner, to be free of defects in materials or construction for one year from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase is necessary when a warranty claim is processed. Malfunctions resulting from improper power supply voltages, abuse of the product or any other causes determined by Polyend to be the fault of the user won’t get covered by this warranty (standard services rates will be applied). All defective products will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of Polyend. Products must be returned directly to Polyend with the customer paying the shipping cost. Polyend implies and accepts no responsibility for harm to a person or apparatus through the operation of this product.

Please go to in order to start a return to manufacturer authorization, or for any other related inquiries.

Important Safety and Maintenance instructions:

  • Avoid exposing the unit to water, rain, moisture. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or high-temperature sources for a long time.
  • Get rid of dust, dirt and fingerprints using a soft, dry cloth. Disconnect all cables while cleaning. Only reconnect them when the product is totally dry.
  • Unplug your instrument from the power sources during lightning storms or when it is not used for long periods of time.
  • Make sure that the power cord is safe from harm.
  • Anywhere module is not user repairable. Leave all servicing to qualified service technicians. Servicing may be required when the unit has been damaged in any way.
Manual Download