Adrian Utley: Studio Visit - Polyend Perc

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Adrian Utley: Studio Visit

Artists | What's up Oct 27, 2020

Polyend visits Adrian Utley.

It’s 18th of October 2018, Bristol. We’ve arrived in the UK a day earlier. Took a train trip from London to Bristol and were impatiently waiting the next day which welcomes us in a rather warm and sunny way. We’re excited because we’re invited and appointed to a meeting with the Portishead’s very Adrian Utley. He and his studio mate TJ Allen are testing our Perc Drumming Machines!

Don’t know what Portishead’s music meant to you when you were a teenager in high school days, but for us, this was and still is something special. And so the opportunity to visit Ade’s Utley Bristol-based studio where he’s working with many great instruments including ours was something major to us too.

Adrian, one-third of the pioneering trip-hop squad Portishead, Art Blakey’s Jazz Messenger, working with Jeff Beck and many more. No wonder we got so excited and almost forgot how to film things, yet here’s the fruit of this visit. Take a seat, relax, enjoy.