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Neurotypique: Polyend Preset & Touchdesigner

Artists | What's up Jan 10, 2022

Check how Sébastien Mercier is utilizing Polyend Preset in his audiovisual creation process.

“Instagram is my main creative output for personal projects because I’m more interested in releasing music and video as one coherent object. Up until now, I’ve been composing music and then illustrating it with animation, in two separate processes. I started experimenting with driving the animation using CV.”
“I tried using the Polyend Preset for the first time with the very talented Control Random, a modular artist I really respect and look up to. We hooked up Touchdesigner (the audiovisual live-coding environment I use) to his system via ES-9 and the Polyend preset ended up being of great help.”
“The preset is as relevant a tool in Touchdesigner as it is with Eurorack because I can map each of the 9 outputs to any parameter in the software. I then explore and find sweet spots by tweaking the pots on Preset. I then sequence the presets via CV in using Nerdseq, which is also sequencing audio.”
“This process has enabled me to explore generative animation as I do with Eurorack, find more tactile ways to interact, and go back and forth between audio and video.”


Sébastien Mercier is a graphic designer and electronic musician from Paris, working at Maison Sagan.

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