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Polyend Play: 1.3 Firmware Update

News | What's up Apr 05, 2023

We're announcing the official Polyend Play 1.3 firmware update.

New features delivered in the Polyend Play v1.3 firmware update:

  • Steps and Tracks can now be copied and pasted between Audio and MIDI.
  • Improved assignment of MIDI CCs to control external devices. MIDI Learn Improvements:
    • When Note = No Note and playback is stopped: MIDI CCs are sent out (previewed) individually so that the external MIDI receiver can learn them. Important: Playback must be stopped for MIDI learn to work properly.
  • MIDI Pitchbend resets to 0 after stopping the sequence (if it was used).
  • MIDI Program Change messages are now sent per MIDI channel instead of per MIDI track.
  • MIDI channels for note input are now configurable in the MIDI menu.
  • Lost MIDI clock data is now detectable and an onscreen message when using MIDI Clock In and MIDI Clock data is lost.
  • MIDI parameter values are reset to default when switching MIDI Channel.


  • Stopped triggering notes with “No Note” value when using Scales combined with Repeats, Chance, and Chords in MIDI tracks.
  • Scale filter was not applied to Broken and Fixed repeat types in MIDI tracks.
  • Humanize Chance action was only sending negative values.
  • MIDI PC messages are now sent after switching patterns.
  • Double-tapping Chance, Repeat, Chord, Note Length parameters in MIDI tracks now goes to default values instead of empty values (which caused playback issues).
  • Song Tempo changes were not applied to next pattern if playback was running.
  • MIDI Out Jack no longer stops working after prolonged use.
    Tank / Alien repeats in MIDI tracks now match the behavior in Audio tracks. Note: this may make some tracks sound different when using Tank/Alien with MIDI
  • Bit Depth parameter in MIDI tracks sends only CC values 4-16 (fixed to full range 0-127)
  • Notes no longer hang when using Note parameter and MIDI Clock In is external
  • MacOS metadata files with “_” are now hidden and ignored when browsing and loading files on Play (samples, projects, fills)
  • Previewing notes during MIDI live recording now play back at the proper Note Length
  • Overlapping notes on the same port/channel will all receive Note Off MIDI messages

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Visuals & sound by Isobutane