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Polyend Tracker Sessions #1: “MLT – Kiwi”

News | What's up Jun 12, 2020

This track started while experimenting with the various features of the Tracker but ended up finished with a name "Kiwi".

“One thing that I found impressive with the Tracker is that once you understand the workflow the creation process is really fast ..and fun! Everything you hear in the video is programmed in the Tracker except the Medusa that I play live. The whole performance was recorded live in Cubase where I did the mastering for the released track. So no exports or stems and without a regular mixing process. I would say that, in this case, the “trick” to get a good sound without ‘regular mixing’ is to pay some attention to your samples, one-shots, and of course your arrangement. But the nice thing with the 8 tracks of the Tracker is that it makes you be more ‘resourceful’ about your arrangement so it is quite difficult to overload your patterns.”

Miltos @ Bandcamp,

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