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Scene: m1so & ric3 – Plz Don’t Go Away

Scene | What's up Jan 08, 2021

"The main reason I wanted to get the Tracker was to step away from my computer. I was bored with the monotony of DAWs and needed something fresh to jog my creativity. The Tracker provided exactly that, a new avenue of creative possibility along with the restrictions and constraints that come with it."

“For me, the Tracker was my first step into tracking and DAWless workflow. As a newcomer to this scene, the Tracker was surprisingly easy to understand and get up and running. I tend to operate in the realms of lo-fi hip hop and chill-hop, so a tracker definitely doesn’t seem like the obvious choice but it works surprisingly well. The built-in slice modes save so much time and are surprisingly accurate at cutting things in the places I want.

The project came about during the experimentation phase of using the Tracker. I figured since Jamuary was coming up, it would be a good opportunity to really learn this piece of gear. So this is the song from day 4 of Jamuary.”


“Get the project of Plz Don’t Go Away here. It’s a simple lo-fi track with randomized percussion. A full-length Tracker made album is coming soon, so you may like to keep an eye on my social media.”

m1so & ric3

A non-binary lo-fi and chill hop producer from the Bay Area who started making music 6 years ago with GarageBand and gradually made my way to a DAW’less setup and found a sonic home in lo-fi.





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