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All-in-One Kick Library

Genre: Kick drums, Percussion, Techno
By: Polyend Sound Design
100 1 Shots
20 x Artificial, 20 x Layered, 20 x Organic, 20 x Rumble, 20 x Tight
44.1 kHz, 24 bit, Stereo

Thump is a thoughtfully chosen collection of 100 diverse kick drums, designed to be the go-to kick pack for any project. Whether you're crafting a punchy dance track, an organic acoustic piece, or a cinematic composition that demands massive impact, Thump offers the perfect foundation.   The pack is divided into five distinct categories:  
  1. Artificial: Kicks that are engineered to add a polished, electronic edge to your tracks.
  2. Organic: Kicks that bring a raw, authentic feel, perfect for genres that thrive on a more acoustic and earthy sound.
  3. Rumble: Feel the power of deep, resonating kicks designed to add a profound depth to your music, ideal for creating suspenseful moments or driving a powerful beat.
  4. Tight: For those moments that call for precision and clarity, our tight kicks deliver a sharp, concise sound that cuts through any mix.
  5. Layered: Explore a rich tapestry of sounds with these multidimensional kicks, combining elements from various sources to create complex, textured beats.
This demo was created in a DAW.
This demo was created in a DAW.
Raw samples with no external processing.
39.99 PLN