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Scene: Alex Moreán – Midnight Sessions

Scene | What's up Dec 04, 2020

"Electronic music had always been a pending subject for me, as every time I ever started reading about oscillators, sequencers and such I would feel overwhelmed and crawl back to my strings and my DAW."

“Finally though, this year, after buying a pocket operator and a couple of Volcas, I started dipping my toe into making beats. I’d get lost, sinking hours into it as my DAW-less set-up kept growing and growing. When I saw a random video talking about the tracker, I felt it might just be the perfect balance between software and hardware.

As a 90s kid, I had never been anywhere near a tracker or an Amiga, so this was a new world but, feeling really curious, I pulled the trigger on it and a few weeks later, here I am.

I have seen breakcore made on these things. I have seen EDM, Industrial, Experimental, DnB and heaps more but, for me, it has been the perfect tool for the gritty experimentation I needed to take my little lo-fi creations to the next level. I feel this machine has no limits and every time I make a new track I learn something new. Since I’m still learning and will keep doing so, it’s safe to say that this is a very powerful tool both for beginners and advanced producers but what I’m sure now is that it really gets my creativity flowing and it’s easier for me to get to the zone than with other pieces of hardware I’ve tried before.”

"I've just released my first Tracker made mixtape, using only the PT and some samples grabbed from here and there, plus recorded sounds from my own instruments, enjoy!"


Get all the Alex Moreán – Polyend Tracker Mixtape projects here.

Each track is accompanied with a separate video clip and you can check them out at Alex’s Youtube channel.

Alex Moreán

“I started playing the cello at four years of age. Eventually, in my teens, I picked up an electric bass and, a bit later, guitar. I mess around with drums whenever I get the chance and currently play in a couple of bands, with a couple of solo projects on the side. So it’s fair to say that music plays a pretty big role in my life.”

Find more from Alex at his Linktree.

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