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Allmyfriendsaresynths: LoFi GlitchHop Jam

Artists | What's up Jun 26, 2021

"Warning: Flashing images. Of the lights kind. Not me. That would be an entirely different thing."

“A wee DAWless jam that I put together on the Polyend Tracker, in a style which I am calling LoFi GlitchHop, because…. when in doubt… string a bunch of popular half-related genre tags together. p.s. is a jam entirely on the Tracker actually DAWless if the Tracker is a ‘DAW in a box?’ What does any of this mean anyway? I’m off to the beach for a few days. Visuals generated using the ETC from @Critter & Guitari. Hope you like it. It’s worth watching through, as it gets better as it goes.”


Is exploring weird and wonderful noise boxes. Pedals, synths, and other hacks. Formerly known as Noise Pedals. From experimental electronic musician unexpected bowtie aka Stephen, in Glasgow. To keep track of what’s going on, get downloads of the music, and see behind the scenes, take a look at Patreon. For music use YouTube.

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