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Sandroid: A Worthwhile Adventure

Artists | What's up Mar 17, 2021

"This one evolved from one of my mini jams. Everything is sequenced on the Polyend Tracker."

Pads via MIDI from the Polyend Medusa. Bass was sampled from my Semi-Hollow Ibanez Bassguitar. Directly recorded into a DAW for some additional Reverb and voila. No further Instruments have been hurt in the making of this video.”

“The Medusa was only the pad, playing chords – with the occasional voice breaking out of the pad/chord (for dramatic effect). Both the Tracker and Medusa go directly into a DAW. The tracker itself has no additional external effects. Reverb and Delay are from the tracker itself. Medusa synth has a Valhalla Shimmer and an Arturia Chorus JUN-6 on top of it. And that is essentially it. Main drums are sequenced from samples on the Tracker. Basslines were played/sampled into the Tracker.”


Is a lonesome musician abusing innocent instruments.




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