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Scene: Astral Scare – Broken Techno

Scene | What's up Sep 23, 2021

“I’m new to the Tracker world but I love the creative limitations. Building muscle memory with the clicky buttons is something my brain enjoys and I can easily get in a state of flow...and hours go by.”

“I love making weird textures with a solid hard groove on top. I was exploring Tracker’s various sample editor/playback options until I had some weird noises. They didn’t sound like much on their own but when combined I was able to get an atmosphere going. My favorite one is a sample from the built-in radio that didn’t have a good signal and it sounded quite distorted, and I love distortion!

I imported a kick I made using Ableton Live and further processed it using the sample editor. I also added some percussion elements that I sliced and sequenced. It kind of reminded me of old folk songs so I tried to think of a melody that will further enhance that feeling (at least in my head).

The Tracker can get me in a meditative state while generating ideas that I would normally never think of, which is the main reason I got it. I’m happy to report that it was delivered.”


Get the project files of Astral Scare – Broken Techno here.

Astral Scare

Astral Scare is a techno project born from dreams and different mental states that live in an earthly carrier.

Always fascinated from an early age towards all things dark, Astral Scare listened to all kinds of heavy, pounding, rhythmic music. In search of himself, he absorbed and twisted the data around him. Visions and nightmares were in his flow of self-discovery. A sequence of patterns and choices led him to project his art through techno.





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