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Isobutane: Suprebooth21 Gesprächskonzert

Artists | What's up Oct 04, 2021

Isobutane presents his upcoming album Future Cake using two Trackers and one Medusa during lecture concert. No lecture here thou, just music! :)

After working with the Yamaha RM1x sequencer for 13 years Isobutane discovered the Tracker by Polyend. Originally bought just for drum parts, it revealed itself to be a great live-oriented tool, making him compose music outside his trusty RM1x for the first time in his life. Although the idea of a tracker is not particularly new, the Tracker still feels fresh and inspirational to many musicians. The Tracker brought Isobutane ideas and a new approach to composing his music, so he bought a second one and a Medusa, also made by Polyend. That was the starting point for the creation of the music you hear in his Gesprächskonzert for Polyend. Enjoy!


Bratislava-based musician, sound engineer, and performer. Polyend team member. He’s just released his long-anticipated album Mementos. Stay tuned for his coming new Future Cake album too!

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