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Jez Spirit: Using the Radio Receiver to Make Ambient Music

Artists | What's up Dec 03, 2020

"A cool thing about the Tracker is that it kind of shows you things you'd never think to do without it. All you need is the radio and a dream."

One of the least exciting parts about getting a new sampler is taking it out of the box, being very excited to use it, and then realizing that you have to spend a whole bunch of time with all of your other equipment making things to put into the sampler.

Now, you could have had something prepared already. But! In the case of the Polyend Tracker, you could use its built-in FM radio receiver to capture samples from anywhere you are. Even if you don’t have a microphone.

Today I’m going to show you how I made an ambient track using only samples that I got from the radio. The first thing I did was to tune to the local classical station and try to capture moments of sustained instrumentation, whether it was a chord or a single instrument or note. Just trying to find something that was consistent because I knew that it would be easier to re-pitch later.”

Jez Spirit

Is documenting his process in making experimental music @ Youtube.

Personal website for music and Twitch channel for streaming music-making and other things.