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Michał Szturomski: Luigi Live PA

Artists | What's up Apr 28, 2021

"I wanted to show you what a smart and versatile tool for live instrumentalists the Polyend Tracker is!"

“Accompanied by background music that can be played live, in a variety of ways – both formally and internally, it’s opening a whole new field of possibilities. Also, the Tracker’s Performance mode in this device is a dream come true for every musician who plays live with electronic devices – the expressive possibilities of this little box are making it an exciting full-fledged musical instrument.”

“This recorded exclusively for Polyend Blog live act is based on various types of sounds processed by the Tracker. These were previously recorded directly to the unit. All of the samples, including the drums on which the song is based, were recorded on electric guitars (pads and melodic parts) and acoustic (rhythmic elements). The solo guitar I used for the backing track was recorded on a second channel of the mixer. All the fx processes, as well as the track mix, were done inside the Tracker. The external computer only served as a sound recorder.”

Michał Szturomski

Is a musicologist, musician, and music producer. He records both solo and as a member of many music collectives such as Afro Kolektyw or Provinz Posen. In his works, he mixes various compositional and production techniques, from sampling through virtually all types of synthesis – both in the hardware and software versions. In his works, he combines computer music with the expression of instrumentalists playing live instruments, including traditional ones. He is the founder of the Wytwórnia Krajowa publishing house, promoting little-known alternative bands from Poland. At the moment, he is pleased with the cooperation with the legendary Polish clarinetist Jerzy Mazzoll, their joint album will be released at the end of 2021.





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