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Polyend Play: 1.4 Firmware Update

We're announcing the official Polyend Play 1.4 firmware update.

New features delivered in the Polyend Play v1.4 firmware update:

  • Added Piano Roll for chord and melody visualization:
    • Transforms the sequencer grid into a piano roll where notes can be selected in rows and placed on the corresponding step in MIDI and Audio modes.
    • To enter the piano roll select multiple tracks and hold down the view button. Selected tracks must have the same length, speed and swing parameters.
    • Each row in Piano Roll represents a note of the selected scale with root note(s) highlighted in pink.
    • The number of notes that can be activated on a grid column is equal to the number of selected tracks.
    • Tap Shift quickly to select or deselect all active steps
    • Variations and Step Pages in Piano Roll are synchronized for all selected tracks. (If one piano roll track changed to 64 steps, all tracks in the piano roll will be 64 steps.)
    • The length of a MIDI step is reflected on the Piano Roll grid.
  • Fill Mode added to MIDI Tracks
    • New config menu to control how MIDI beat fills work. Menu > Settings > Fill Config
  • Added Melody Fills: Chord and Bass.
  • New MIDI Chord inversions:
    • Accessible by pressing Shift while turning the Chord Knob (for all chords except Power 4th/5th)
    • New smart melody randomizer Fill Type: Random +
    • New randomization algorithm with randomized notes
    • Knob parameters for work steps are now saved when switching between MIDI and Audio


  • Wrong transients between Audio Steps with different Volumes
  • Filter was not being applied to the first delay tap*
  • Wrong notes in Power 4th/5th and Augmented MIDI Chords**

*This will change the sound of repeats on previous projects.
**This will change the voicing of Power and Augmented MIDI Chords on previous projects.


The firmware update file and also additional SD content are available here.

Visuals & sound by Isobutane