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Scene: Noir – Sounds From Your Mind

"Hi, I'm Noir, this composition starts from the idea of using the first 4 tracks of the project as harmonic material."

“Using the wavetable synthesis capabilities of the Tracker, together with the fx tracks, you can get really effective results, in a short time and, above all, that evolve over time, thanks to the use of the ‘chance’ effect.

I created a series of patterns and, as shown in the video, played the entire composition from performance mode. This approach gives me the possibility to “physically feel” the instrument. Also being a guitarist, this kind of feeling is fundamental for me.

I bought the Tracker initially to exploit it for its granular and wavetable synthesis capabilities (two of the types of synthesis I prefer) but I soon found myself using it much more for its sequencer, really complete, but above all capable of giving the composition a dynamic sound, in constant evolution.

Undoubtedly the Tracker has brought a breath of fresh air to my compositions, it allows you to be creative by working fast. It will stay in my setup for a very long time!

Finally, the performance mode is simply beautiful. It gives you the feeling that you are actually playing an instrument, not composing and then making the composition play BY THE instrument.”


Get the Noir – Sounds From Your Mind project files here.


Is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer at Timetrack Studios in the Bergamo area. The guitarist/co-producer/synth guy for Dydo and of course carries his grim electronic project named Noir. These days working on a new ep, a kind of mix between glitch and much more pop material.