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Patrik Veltruský: Meditation Diaries

Artists | What's up Dec 16, 2020

"Hey, I'm Patrik from Prague and I make music. I record stuff for other people and make sample packs."

“Do you remember that time when everything was a little simpler and just more magical? I’m really trying to get that feeling into my music. You can call it nostalgia but I call it childhood. I’m just making music I liked when I was a kid. That’s it. So you can say I make music, especially for little Patrik. It’s super egoistic I guess.

Little Patrik actually wanted to make music when he was a kid but he never knew how all that electronic music from video games and Tangerine Dream albums was made. And one day he got an old Sony Ericsson phone and there was some ‘app’ to make music and it was just boxes and maybe numbers on a tiny little screen and he was happy because he made his first banger with super crappy saxophone MIDI sounds and it was magical.

Polyend Tracker is little like that. Yeah I know it’s supposed to be Tracker but I’m too young to actually use it. First real music-making software was Live 7 for me. I see numbers and boxes on a not so tiny screen of a Tracker and it’s kinda magical in how minimalistic it feels. There is nothing more than you and the music you want to make and you are inputting data so you can hear music. You are working with pre-recorded samples (mostly). It’s so like I remember. Even though it’s totally different.”

“How do I use my Tracker? As my mobile studio, sampler and MIDI sequencer at the same time. In my Dear Diary piece – Tracker is sending both MIDI and audio to my small Eurorack rig and is used as the main ‘brain’. I recently made a jingle for a TV using just the Tracker. It’s simple in use yet powerful piece of gear and I’m super happy I picked it up immediately after release.”


“You can find links to the above projects at my Patreon. Lullaby is a Tracker project, Medusa preset and Ableton project. The Diary is Tracker and Ableton project. Ableton is used as a recorder so people can use it to do whatever they want. Raw recordings are also available there.”

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