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Polyend Tracker: 1.7.1 Firmware Update

We're announcing the official Polyend Tracker 1.7.1 firmware update.


  • Randomly freezing during playback with a buzzing sound at the output
  • Occasionally Envelopes in Instrument Automation are skipped (not triggered) during playback
  • Playhead in Import window runs slower than audio playback after moving the endpoint
  • Time counter in the header (0m:00s) runs slower than real-time
  • Tap Tempo function is not accurately calculating the tapped tempo


  1. Download and extract the firmware file
  2. Copy the .ptf firmware file to your Tracker SD card > Firmware folder
  3. Optional: save your current project to avoid any potential data loss
  4. Navigate to Config > Firmware > Update Firmware > .ptf file
  5. Press Select and confirm with Yes
  6. Navigate to File > Create New Project to correctly initialize Config settings

The firmware update file is available here.