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Scene: Snack Morris – IDKFA

Scene | What's up Jul 29, 2021

“What I’m tweaking is mostly the blend on the Strega as well a little decay and absorb, and some Overtone on the 0 Coast. The sample about the devil and some radio static was captured off the built-in radio tuner of the tracker from some religious station. I thought it would sound kind of dark with a hip-hop beat to it.”


Get the project files of the Snack Morris – IDKFA here.

Snack Morris

“Snack Morris is a little band from Jersey. One day the wife and I decided to jam together… she on her guitar, and me programming drums for her to play to… and things quickly escalated from there. Having all that extra time home in 2020 gave us the opportunity to create something a little different. An acquired taste, if you will. We do hope you enjoy it.”




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