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Scene: Soft Malaka – Just Numbers

Scene | What's up Dec 23, 2020

''Hi there, Soft Malaka with a new song here. I've just sampled and chopped a rhythm from one of the best hands of the drum world. The great Jojo Mayer!"

“The original sample is played over a 4/4 but, arranging the slices correctly, you can obtain a new non-regular rhythm which sounds pretty natural. This one is 10/4.”


Get the project of Soft Malaka – Just Numbers.


“If you ask me for a special trick to do this, I would say the Roll fx is a great tool to fill the spaces when you feel the 4/4 slices can’t do it naturally, due to being shorter or longer than the time signature used. This effect is useful to break the rhythm too, creating contrast and surprising the ears (as a drum fill does).

On the mixing side, once I was listening to the drums, I noticed an undesired ball of low frequencies between bass and drum track. To solve this issue I applied a high pass filter to the drum track every time the kick and the bass sounded simultaneously, what we can call ‘sidechain equalization’.

And the final touch… A track exclusively for a vinyl noise loop!

I hope you found those humble ideas useful and I encourage any Tracker user to explore the awesome universe of odd time signatures with it.”

Soft Malaka

“I was playing the drums for an amateur progressive rock band and -of course- the band disappeared. A few months later Polyend Tracker appeared on the market. So here we are, Tom Hanks and his Wilson, building a whole band out of this astonishing and kinda ‘nerdy’ machine.”

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