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Venus Theory: Generative Music Ideas

Artists | Tutorials | What's up Jan 18, 2022

"The weirdness of the Tracker is so refreshing when I feel like I'm stuck. Totally breaking that conventional workflow is really inspiring!"

“Howdy Doody, Buckaroonies! Today we’re here to talk about creating generative ideas with the Polyend Tracker and a few cool plugins. Whenever I’m out of ideas, I love using generative tools to start throwing random ideas at the wall and pulling something from them to kickstart a session. Even when the result is random chaos, sometimes you start to pick out or create little ideas that can quickly snowball into a finished track. I figured this might be a fun thing to share, and hopefully, this technique and idea inspire you to get out and make something cool too!”

Venus Theory

“Musician | Sound Designer | Occasional Human I make music and sounds and teach you to do the same. Let’s get learnin’ and make some noise!”

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