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Ghost In The Loop: Supermassive Monolith

Artists | What's up Jul 20, 2021

A dark ambient generative patch on a Medusa Hybrid Synth.

“I recorded a handful of chords on 2 octaves, some lead notes on 3 octaves as well as TIE functions to link notes and a bunch of empty pads. The sequence spans 64 steps and is played back in random mode at 3BPM. Chase Bliss Audio Blooper continuously records long loops that slowly overlap and gradually erase/degrades the older layers.

GFI System’s Specular Tempus adds the necessary depth and spacey ambiance and My Volts provide all the power needed for this setup with Crazychain and Ripcords cables. This method allows generating melodies and drones that will never be the same over minutes and hours “.

Ghost In The Loop

Is just a matter of the loop. A French musician and composer.


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