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Antonio Pires: Pollen Zouk

Artists | What's up Sep 05, 2021

"My very first music-making experience started with trackers on a friend's 486 computer, later I got an amiga 500 and the legendary Octamed."

“I’ve heard of the Polyend Tracker on the web and got very curious, even more, curious after a couple of tutorials and demos from the tube, skip to a couple of searches on Instagram and I saw what people were creating with, it was really interesting. I’ve downloaded the manual and concluded that this was not gas. I just simply needed this thing!

I am very interested in the world of self-contained boxes/samplers from MPC to Octatrack, Op1, etc. Having used and still do and love extensively, I like how samplers can be what you put in them plus, of course, a bit of yourself.

As it arrives ‘I forget to do an unboxing video’ cause so excited. Turned it on, a couple of button presses and I have an immediate nostalgic feeling about those early days with first tracker sequencers.”

“Nostalgia apart, I think the Polyend Tracker is a great compact sequencer/sampler. I have always considered myself to be one of those people that programs the music, the tracker is perfect for this, the data scrolls down like the matrix, and you can see it and edit as you please, the possibilities to intricately tweak every step in detail and add effects is amazing. I am still learning it and the more I use it the more I  keep finding new alternative ways to make things. For me, the Tracker tends to take me towards electronica drum and bass and jungle, but I feel like I can go anywhere from the most experimental and weird to more “conservative” traditional things.

My track –  Pollen zouk really pushed me forward! I wanted to make a whole song with it and get used to the song mode. Next time, the goal is to push it further and see what it and I can do.

Stay creative!”

Antonio Pires

“I am a producer and I like exploring various sides of electronic music styles to make things interesting for myself and hopefully for you too.”




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