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Dj Haus: Tracker Sound Bank

Artists | What's up Apr 06, 2021

"I'm a Tracker obsessive, and it was only a matter of time before I've decided to make and share my Dj Haus soundbank for the PT."

“The video clip is just a fun way to show you an example of how the sample pack can be used. I’m utilizing only my sample pack, plus the Tracker’s Chance and Random Note step fx functions as the main methods of creating a completely random and generative ‘glitch house’ tune!”


Get the Dj Haus Tracker Sound Bank here!

The sample pack Dj Haus provided for use with the Tracker is a collection of brand new samples and some samples from his recent Data Dump Mutator Software he launched earlier this year with his friend Lucrieto from The Analogue Cops, which you can also check here!

Dj Haus

“A pseudo-Deutsch Dj & producer, also a label manager at UTTU.CLUB who spent the recent years DJing non-stop at various ‘insert super cool hype nightclub here’ he now spends his time recording synth sounds and creating sound banks utilizing his love for FM synthesis.”


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