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Eraldo Bernocchi: Evolving Patterns

Artists | What's up Mar 25, 2022

"I like challenges. And limits."

“Limits and boundaries stimulate the imagination. If you add on top chance, probabilities, and percentages a whole universe of possibilities opens up.

I love the Tracker’s 133 seconds sample memory limit, I actually found myself importing just sections of long samples as you can do so many things with them that there’s no need to have a 45-sec long sample.

For this video, I programmed a couple of patterns where most of the elements are never repeating themselves. Chances are “Filled” with various percentages and only some necessary notes/steps are constant. The rest is always changing. The result is a “live ” approach.

Pretty much like playing with a band. There’s no external production in this track. I only used the Tracker and I side-chained the master output just to add a little bit of dynamic to the mix. The Tracker can sound really good just by itself with no need to add anything else.”

Eraldo Bernocchi

Is a composer, arranger, producer, and guitarist with a solid reputation as an all-around sonic sculptor with more than 100 album releases, countless productions, and music pieces scored for adverts and movies.

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