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Medusa Synth Sound Design (Ep.5): Drones & FM

Tutorials | What's up Jun 01, 2020

This new episode demonstrates the sound of analog FM in the Medusa and a good way to explore these FM capabilities of the synth is by creating Drones.

“Since this type of evolving sounds can be created in many different ways, here I’m just giving you some general directions in order to find your own sound. I also demonstrate how you can alternate your FM timbres with wavetables for more diverse soundscape creation. Beyοund the sound design, this video also features an example of using the MIDI CC capabilities of the synth for controlling and modulating external effects (or other MIDI gear) with the internal LFOs and Envelopes. Finally, don’t miss the second half of the video with my ‘stereo’ Drone jam with two Medusas.”

Miltos @ Instagram,