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Polyend Tracker: Artist Editions

News | What's up Apr 02, 2021

Polyend introduces the Limited Artist Edition Tracker series with dedicated vinyl album releases.

Every Tracker AE model features a custom visual design created by the respective participating artist. Accompanied by vinyl album releases, original composition project files, and sample packs. This opens a totally new way of releasing music!

The three confirmed names and releases are Bogdan Raczynski, Legowelt, and Pete Cannon.

At Polyend, bringing inspirational and fun-to-use instruments for creative artists is our top priority. We believe we can achieve this goal best by working closely with artists who keep inspiring us. Their insight informs our design process as our tools come to life in their hands.

Polyend’s collaboration with artists on Tracker AE produced a unique experience for our end users which goes beyond a regular album release. It allows you not only to listen to a polished end product but also to learn from the artist’s master project files to understand their process. And to further inspire and empower your own music-making, each artist provides you with a dedicated pack of unique high-quality samples to use in your projects. To enclose it in a worthy package, each Tracker AE model features its own unique cover design, underlying the artist’s aesthetic.

Each model in the Artist Edition series is dedicated to a single artist and is limited to 300 units only.

Tracker AE contains:

– Original, previously unpublished composition from the artist in the form of Tracker projects,

– A quality mastered vinyl cut record with the new album (EP),

– Artist’s signature Sample Pack,

– A Tracker unit with a custom visual design created by participating artists.

Download Polyend Tracker AE updated press kit.