Polyend Tracker: 1.3 Firmware Update

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Polyend Tracker: 1.3 Firmware Update

News | What's up Dec 24, 2020

A massive Polyend Tracker official firmware update is now ready and available at polyend.com/downloads.

Polyend is pushing the Tracker standalone workstation further forward with a welcomed functionality-boosting v1.3.0 firmware update.

This is a special one as it is also introducing onboard games, allowing users to take a breather from music-making and refill their creative juices. Get on the right track! Find the v1.3.0 firmware file and a detailed changelog here.

v1.3.0 Firmware Release Highlights

New MIDI I/O functionalities:

– Per step MIDI Chords,
– MIDI Microtune step Fx,
– Performance mode is now controllable via MIDI input,
– Master mixer levels are now controllable via MIDI input,
– Tracker can now be configured to send 6 distinct MIDI CCs per MIDI channel,
– Added support for sending MIDI channel aftertouch and polyphonic aftertouch,
– MIDI instruments in Pattern mode can now be present without a note (specify which MIDI channel to send CC),
– MIDI delay compensation for external clock sources in Config,

Overall enhancements and workflow refinements:

– Tune step Fx,
– Track Arm Recording,
– Live Audio Line Input Monitoring is now available during song playback,
– Long Sample Importing,
– Lo-quality Importing (saves sample pool memory time),
– Delete unused samples,
– Timestretch Fx in Sample Editor,
– Bit depth available as both the step and Performance Fx’s,
– Transpose octaves by turning the Jog-wheel with Shift in note editing,
– Enhanced Pattern Fill command: Euclidean fills, density setting in Random fills,
– Rewritten from scratch rendering mechanism,

New sound sculpting possibilities:

– 5-band master EQ,
– Bass booster,
– Stereo enhancer,
– Updated Limiter with gain reduction meter,
– Line Input can now be a Sidechain source for the Limiter,

Onboard games are now available to catch a breather from a hard day of music-making.

Games installation

– Polyend Tracker v1.3.0 firmware update is required to run the games,
Download the games here, unzip and copy the “Games” folder directly to the SD card root directory,
– Games will be accessible from the Files screen.

Please save your active project before upgrading firmware. This update required a large number of internal changes preparing us for some coming major features. Some settings might reset to defaults.

Picture & sound by Isobutane.